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I Improved My Way of Using Transformer

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I always feel alien about transformers in game. And I didn't find much useful info on the Internet to help me understand it. So after many improvements thru out my gaming, this is the one I came up with today, and I finally feel good about it.





Nothing fancy basic stuff.

(As you might be able to tell, the power center is on the right side connected by that big thick long wire, and power user / branch is transformer's left side.)

  1. Less heat. Transformers produce more heat than smart battery. But transformer is always disabled except for battery charging time.
  2. More Buffer. Each Branch's battery holds some power so that nothing will get affected for a period of time even when power center is down or under re-construction. This also creates good amount of buffer time if you use manual generator at power center like I do. (Of course you can add more batteries to a branch if buffer time is useful at certain point). Transformer only holds 4kJ of power.
  3. Downsides? Transformers don't have power runoff, but batteries do.
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