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  1. There is a conflict between jetsuit and atmosuit for space construction. Errand will only be made if access to atmo suit is disabled. Duplicant Dump Cycle 368.sav
  2. It is the same planet , so it shares all params. Just a visual duplication of the same one.
  3. Rocket disapear from meteor scanner list after launch. The Radical Sewer.sav
  4. Nop still not fixed. You have to micro your food or you'll loose dupes.
  5. Thx at least i've got a way to get him out without deconstructing the command module.
  6. The astronaut stays in the rocket when it lands and there's no way of getting him out of it.
  7. Sad that this issue not patched yet, i think i will resolve to debug mode ...
  8. Deconstructing telescope did not work, problem still there.
  9. With the addition of the patch 289453, i cannot use telescope to analyse unknown planet and it seems that the starmap is not updated (Second planet at 10 000km not visible) I think that's it is a retrocompatibility issue because and tried a new game on debug mode and starmap and telescope seems to work at intented. Bustling Moonbase.sav