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  1. The problem is not the oxylite but the manufacturing of super coolant, is there even a way to get liquid hydrogen without it ?
  2. Doing a Badland playthrough and i have absolutely no gold spawn, i discovered all geyser and had no gold volcano so i guess i'll have to do liquid oxygen with hydrogen cooling. I think that they will add more option for those custom asteroids soon since they all still experimenting with them. Having no gold or tungsten will not having no option to get them otherwise leaves a stall experience, i think a easy start to resolve this issue is adding some package to the printer and later on add some planet no more than 40k away with those ressources.
  3. There is a conflict between jetsuit and atmosuit for space construction. Errand will only be made if access to atmo suit is disabled. Duplicant Dump Cycle 368.sav
  4. I think it was not an arboria but verdante map seed , sorry for the confusion.
  5. Thank you i'll have a look at it but i really think they should not be a map generated without tungsten, they'll surely change that before release i hope.
  6. Melting insulation is possible ? how do you do that ? i though i was trully insulated.
  7. Hello , I'm having a colony on a arboria seed and i don't have any ice biome so no tungsten so it's impossible to get thermium. Did this happen to some of you ? Is this intented or just because where in beta testing ? and last is there a solution to get tungsten elsewhere of ice biome ?
  8. I was talking about the micronutrient, it is exactly the same bug as Abud refer but it seems to be very random.
  9. I only have one but i think that the waterseed are not totally implement, it's like they started fertilizing the waterseed after it had reach 30 % or maybe it's because i restarted the game, so no big worries, klei will continu to polish the game nicely.
  10. Hi, he seems that for now it is impossible to fertilize the waterweed with the farmstation ? Did you guys had some luck on this matter ? Is it even worth it to use the farm station in term of efficiency. My bad after some time they seems to fertilize the waterweed but they were no errand in the farmstation at the start, i think it might be a bug.
  11. Bug visible in IMG
  12. starmap bugged

    It is the same planet , so it shares all params. Just a visual duplication of the same one.
  13. Rocket disapear from meteor scanner list after launch. The Radical Sewer.sav
  14. Slicksters frozen in plance when "Expelling waste"

    I have the same issue, frozen slickster ...
  15. [Game Update] - 296335

    Nop still not fixed. You have to micro your food or you'll loose dupes.