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Guide to Spider-Monkeys and Silk


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Hey all, I thought I would post this guide to help people with silk problems. I have not been going into the code and reading anything, so I don't know things exactly, all of this is from just playing the game and testing things out. I have probably 300+ days in Hamlet, longest running game was about 120, and I do use the console to test things out, which is what I used to try and figure out the Spider-monkeys [SM's for short].


  • Initially SMs spawn near a (few) cacooned tree(s).
  • I don't believe cacooned tree's spawn more SMs. I spawned one in near one of my bases and after 20+ days and nothing came of it [for all I know this may be a bug], they seem to either spawn from one single SM duplicating or the combination of SM+tree and maybe some amount of time, or possibly meeting up with a second SM [I dont think it's this either, fairly certain they dont need another SM in the vicinity]. I have never seen them eat anything, so I don't think that has anything to do with it.
  • I'm not entirely sure they do respawn currently - I've had groups far away from my base too many times and I think I have had groups get larger, but not certain.
  • SMs gaurd a small "nest" for lack of what to call it, of trees. It's a small range of cacooned trees. It can just be one tree.
  • When all of the trees in their nest area are chopped down [they do not need to be dug up, just chopped], they have a 5 second period or so it seems of choosing their next nest location, then when they have chosen it, on your map the trees contained within this next "nest" will IMMEDIATELY show up as cacooned trees, regardless of where they chose the location to be, regardless of your distance from them [ie, you don't have to walk up to them for them to change icon].
  • SMs will ONLY form nests in the deep rainforest biome, the one with the leafy border when you walk through it - unsure about the poisonous rainforest [though I don't think so]. If you spawn a SM across the map from the rainforest, it picks a nest after a few moments and then crosses the entire map to the nest it chose in some deep rainforest biome.


  • SMs drop (iirc) 2 beard hairs, 2 monster meat, 1 spider gland (maybe not 100% chance, I forget) and have a seemingly 10 or 20% chance to drop 1 silk. Apparently they do 20 damage per punch, and from my fighting them, it's pretty hard to kite their punch without some movespeed bonuses, but it is doable. You can do 1 hit then move away to avoid the punches.
  • That being said - don't kill SMs for silk, it isn't worth it, and if they get wiped out I don't think more will spawn [again, not clear on how they spawn].
  • The cacooned trees drop 1 silk if they are small, 2 if they are normal or tall.
  • Chop down [no need to dig the stumps, though it may get confusing/messy on your map if you don't] their nests and just follow them to their next nest, rinse and repeat. Do note, they will get into fights with both vines and snaptooth mobs, if they die, no more nests. If you want a lot of silk early on, try and find an area that has SMs but is pretty much empty of snaptooths, the vines aren't too big of a threat.
  • The implications for silk farming in late game is pretty obvious here, once you get the seeds for the rainforest trees, just pack a bunch of groups as tightly as you can near where you have SMs in your game [must be in deep rainforests], wait till they are all large and then migrate the SMs, since nests form in a small range, all of the trees should turn cacooned and you farm 2x silk and 4x logs per tree in each tightly packed set of trees you planted.

Please let me know if I missed something, or you know of other ways so I can add them here. I can't recall any other way to obtain silk as I write this, but again, I'm just testing as I go!

Edit: Once your first lush season hits and you have access to the rainforest tree seeds, apparently you can just plant them inside territory of spider monkeys and they will cacoon them and you can farm all the silk your heart desires. Early on though, you still have to use the methods mentioned above.

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The monkeys never got aggressive towards me for walking into the webbing on the ground or chopping the trees, they seem to only attack based on distance between your character and them. So that leaves you with two methods, lure them away and get a few chops in while they run back to attack you, or wait till they go further from their nests. They tend to roam quite far from the nest and I managed many times to just chop the trees while they were on the farther edge of the terrain they patrol. Also since the new nests appear immediately on the map, you can literally just outrun them to the new spot - their roars slow them down, they might get distracted, or you could use coffee to speed yourself up [and eventually the walking cane I presume]. Sometimes they even just get stuck on some trees or other inanimate objects while walking to the new nest.

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4 hours ago, Wyulliam said:

So, if they are only agressive based on distance, you can use the Sash Hat (I think that is the name)

I haven't done much testing on the Swashy hat personally. I read somewhere that in order for the mobs to ignore you, they must be aggressive towards another target and if they are not then if you get to close they still go after you.

2 hours ago, Raishou said:

Is there a way to plant rainforest trees?

A portion of the rainforest trees bloom in lush season. When there is wind their seeds will be blown onto the ground.

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