Suggestion: Piggies Improvement, and Moveable Chest

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First off, I love the piggies... They're so derpy and cute even though they're thieving little jerks.

1) Piggie Health Meters, ee need a way to differentiate piggies so we can feed them accordingly. Maybe hats, or a pull down menu to see their health/food meters? Instead of dropping food on the piggies you'd drop it on their stomach meter so you can feed the hungry ones first, and maybe they could have randomly generated names just for fun.

2) Moveable chest, basically if a chest is empty, we should at least be able to pick it up. Maybe not put it in our inventory but be able to pick it up and hold it with our mouse and carry it. If it has items it would be locked in place.

3) Piggie Pack! Basically you can hand an empty chest to a Piggie and he will carry it. Once he is holding the chest you could put 6 different items in the chest like you would if it were on the ground. The downside is that the piggie cannot fight but would still run off after things you're fighting because well...I dont think piggies are smart. If the piggie dies then the chest drops and the items just would sort of explode all over like when the player dies.

4) Weaponize! Possibly have the option of giving piggies tools or weapons via the pull down health menu for them.

5) Set Radius, also part of the pull down menu, you'd be able to have a slide bar for how close the piggies stand next to you when they idle. When its dark and they're huddling around the fire it has no affect though. This or at least make them back off a little >.< they are face humpers.

Just a few ideas, not sure if theres anything already in the works or already dismissed so forgive me if I am doing a repost.

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1) Piggie Health Meters

I feel that a meter per se would kinda ruin the effect. Perhaps something more subtle lieke change what they normally say to something on the lines of "PIG IS HURT" and maybe give them a sad face? Also, they should run slower and slower when hurt.

2) Moveable chest

I really like this idea.

5) Set Radius

This could be a setting in the options menu (that we'll get, eventually). It could be really handy.

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