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Google Chrome lag issue

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I use a mac laptop and the lag is almost unbearable on google chrome when playing Don't Starve. It will run at normal speed for about 5 minutes then start lagging and will keep getting worse the more I progress throughout the game. It gets especially bad around mobs like spiders and pigs or around high density areas such as forests. When playing the game no other application is open other then google chrome and I use a fairly new laptop so I dont know what to do. :distress:

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There is no Mac version on Steam. (Yet) Hence why everyone in this thread is playing it in Chrome. I've have this problem myself but it takes about a hour or so before the lag starts bogging down the game. I usually just find a safe spot, save the game, and reload Chrome to refresh everything. Seems to work alright but if your experiencing heavy lag five minutes into the game this might not be an acceptable solution. I'm running on a MacbookPro from a few years ago.

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