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  1. this is happening with me as welli have a macbook air, and before the update it wouldn't lag THIS bad
  2. so if you get a new computer? the game is tied to your account (both steam and chrome) so there would be no point of a verification because, like Barov said, the codes are permanent.
  3. well....thats convenient, a bug no less but still very useful
  4. its pretty useless but you can put it on a pig for an awesome afro
  5. i have! there great. pretty much its a smarter pig, i think for now its a place holder
  6. im lovin the update. went as (second person, dont remember the name) and wanted to show my brother how sanity worked. after a short walk i found the wooden thing and all its parts, 4 mandrakes (which i have no idea what they do, only that they make you sleep when you cook and eat one) and made a mini base next to it. my sanity is fine but whenever i see a flash on my screen i know its below 70. i also found out that eating raw food will make your sanity go down.
  7. dont think so but if gamepads become a demand, maybe a mod for the game may be in order.
  8. this game is turning into a new amnesia...but with survival
  9. because some might be neutral like beefalo's, only attack when hit
  10. well the devs said they are adding seasons so i thought that was a date system. i will watch it again while i wait
  11. not sure if late but i see that there is a new date system in game. it now shows the day, not how many days you survived. thats cool since you can say you survived for certain months then days. just now noticed why they put that in. oh boy now i have to make a vest/clothing if i can survive that long