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New fully automatic dirt farm design V2.0

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Now that robo-miners have been added I have decided to update an old build I had posted way back in June

In this new design we cook slime into dirt using heat from a copper volcano


Slime comes in from a conveyor and goes in an infinite loop with 2 bridges, heats up in the metal tiles and turns into a dirt tile above the insulated tile were the robo-miner digs it as the sweeper picks it up and puts it on a loader


Temp is controlled by a sensor set to above 200C


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I have a question regarding efficiency. Is it better to dig bit by bit and sweep or automate the sweeper and digger to like 10% per day so they dig and sweep bigger ''chunks'' of dirt that has accumulated? 

In other words is energy spent for dig and sweep proportional to the size of the ''chunk''/tile or is it the same regardless the weight. If the second premise is true than a automated digger sweeper could save a lot of energy in the long run. 


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How many pufts does it take to produce enough dirt for 12 sleet wheat plants?

Sleet wheat plants require 5kg/cycle, 60kg/cycle total, or 100g/s. Assuming you lose 50% of the dirt mass by digging, you'd need 200g/s of slime moving through this dirt production facility, probably slightly more due to sublimation.

I don't know the math behind how many pufts it takes to make 200g/s of slime, or how many morbs, but it's likely a LOT.


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