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  1. We're going to use the power that's not running through the manual generator.To provide power by copying We build generators with conductive wires, we build them through transformers.Outputs on conductive wire.Then the power is copied. test.sav
  2. Connect the growing tiles in series. No water on the second tile However, if you use a bridge to supply it, it will be okay. 베타 1차.sav
  3. On the ground, they do not die for the duration of their survival.
  4. 1st bug Build with gold amalgam material, save & load to keep temperature
  5. 1. 75 degrees of battery fixing bug 2. When the temperature is fixed and the steam is cooledIncrease in gas around steam 덜컥거리는 랩.sav
  6. when the radiant liquid pipe is in the vacuum, the liquid in the pipe loses its temperature 진공상태에서 영하 -273의 온도를 인식을 하고 파이브안에 있는 물의 온도를 낮춥니다 그래서 아무런 냉각체가 없이도 진공으로만으로 물을 돌리는것만 했을뿐인데 낮은 온도의 물을 얻을수 있습니다.