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Found 25 results

  1. I'm constantly running low on nightmare fuel. Probably because I don't play the whole game insane and I make camp above ground like a scrub. Anyway, wanted to know if there's any smart ways to farm the fuel. Best things I've found are: Nightmare amulet, though they can overwhelm you pretty fast if you aren't quick Nightmare cycle in ruins near fissures, though this has a long delay between cycles Shadow Splumonkeys, but I don't know how to aggro less than a dozen at a time Any ideas that I haven't listed here? Or refinements on the ideas that I have listed?
  2. I'd like to see a sprinkler system to water Algae and other plants, but it can also get the floor wet.
  3. After playing for a while what I miss the most from AU is the plants with the small temperature margins. That was very interesting gameplay. I suggest you add some new plants with -3 to 4 degree temperature demands 55-60 and -55 to -60. These plants could be for herbal medicine. Or just really fine food. And why not make crystal growing the same way as farming. After all crystals are awesome. They could be a bonus addition to existing elements to make them stronger. New alloys and stuff like that. Now this was complicated farming... Ooh how I miss it.
  4. Ok, first things first, I must tell you ahead of time that I HATED the old yield system. The way it was setup isn't really "challenging", but rather annoying, in that a short period of screw-up would rob you of that precious Excellent Yield. Not to mention that the whole "dying without getting a seed" thing for certain plants or the difficulty to expand for certain plants (unless you get enough excellent yields) is truly frustrating. So overall, I think a lot of changes in this revamp is a welcoming step in the right direction. Having plants not die and chance for a seed on harvest took the pressure of losing seeds because of minor mistake off the table, and you get more freedom in testing stuff. However, the growth/stifle system is too much simplified, and, as I'm sure many would agree, removes the challenge/reward factor of farming. This leads to the whole "spam mealwood and be done" situation we have right now, and, to me at least, it's worse than the "spam sleet wheat and be done" we had in AU. So here's my suggestion: Make it so that certain factors (such as irrigation, fertilizer, temperature range, etc.) would SPEED UP harvest. As mentioned at the beginning, I really hated when my harvest rating didn't make the cut because of very minor blunder that I couldn't fix fast enough, and having these factors providing instant benefit such as harvest speed would pump up the reward factor. Here are my list of modifications (Hidden because it's REALLY long): So there we have it. This is my personal view as to how to improve the current farming system. A lot of the numbers merely involve my own theorycrafting, so it may or may not be balanced. However, the basic idea is the same, where I would really like to see fertilization and irrigation going back to being optional (and thus solving the current problem with limited water AND unrenewable phosphorite), but with VERY clear disadvantage. Same goes with the temperature range issue, where I'd really like the range bonus in the old yield system giving a bonus of some kind. Let me know what you all think
  5. The idea is a fruit tree with a nasty bite. Introducing a food source that can eat your dupes. Purpose: Add variety and expanding farming with a new tier of crops. Add a new interesting way to die. Combining gaming elements. Will require some kind of animal breading unless your dupes are the only meal for the tree hehe. Grow a plant (tree). This kind of crop would require a special tile that is bigger than a normal farm tile 2w x 2h. The size of the tree is 4h x 2w. Grow a really long time and have increasing yield as it ages. The fruit falls to the ground after 1 cycle if not harvested. Example. Prickle pear (Oki I just realised that name is used in Slime Rancher but lets stick with it) Plant like a normal seed. First harvest in 12 cycles. Every 4 cycles it fruits. After 12 cycles it fruits 4 prickle pears. After 24 cycles it fruits 6 prickle pears. After 48 cycles it fruits 8 prickle pears. (At this stage it will become a meat eater as a surprise to the dupes) (Would be hilarious suddenly finding one of your dupes being swallowed by the tree.) (It should be possible to rescue him before death by the other dupes. But left long enough and its goodbye dupe) For every Animal/Dupe eaten the Tree Sprouts 1 Seed + 2 Fruits at the next harvest. Maximum of 1 eaten pr. cycle. After 96 cycles it dies. Growing conditions Light, Oxygen, polluted water and fertiliser. Temp is -11C to +33C Food recipees for the cooking station could be: 1 Prickle Pear = Crickle pear (1000 Calories) (0) food quality 2 Prickle Pear + 1 Bristle Blossom = 1 fruit salad. (2000 Calories) (+1) food quality 3 Sleet wheat + 2 Crickle Pear + 1 Hatch Meat = Prickle Beef with Sleet bread (2000 Calories) (+2) food quality Variations - You could make a variant of it as a giant mushroom, Ice blossom, Fire ash tree or something even more exotic. Mushroom tree variant could produce low quality food (-3) for animal feed. So you feed hatches with Mush Spores. (the spores fall to the ground - auto feeding). Example: Mush Tree Plant like a normal seed. First harvest in 6 cycles. Every 3 cycles it fruits. After 9 cycles it fruits 4 Mush Spores. After 18 cycles it fruits 6 Mush Spores. After 36 cycles it fruits 8 Mush Spores and 1 seed. After 72 cycles it dies. Growing conditions Dark, Carbon Dioxide, polluted water and fertiliser. Temp is -6C to +22C (Damp conditions) Example: Fire Ash tree Plant like a normal seed. First harvest in 12 cycles. Every 4 cycles it fruits but only if it eats 1 animal/dupe during the growth cycle. Maximum of 1 eaten. After 12 cycles it fruits 4 fruits After 24 cycles it fruits 6 fruits. After 48 cycles it fruits 8 fruits + 1 seed. After 96 cycles it dies. Growing conditions Light, Oxygen, polluted water. Temp is +33C to +66C At full maturity one tree feeds 1.75 dupes pr. cycle. Including the one consumed meat. That seems quite oki. Oooh Look this innocent little plant. I will bring it home and grow it in my farm... Little did she know that it would grow eyes and start watching her every time she watered the seedlings... Until one day the hunger was just too much and this nice little piece meat was too tempting not to eat.
  6. Considering the update was specifically "Agriculture" I am hoping there will also be one for animals. I really would like a method to move animals around - by using "baits" and "Cages". So you can trap animals in one area and move them to another. Then have some sort of "Food" Dispenser mechanic to feed them to produce goods.
  7. I was playing in a world as Wigfrid, and I soon found a desire for some variety in my diet. (Bacon and Eggs, while efficient, gets boring after a while.) So I browsed some meat-based recipes, and decided to make some Fish Tacos. Luckily, I always plant seeds in the farms around the Metal Potato Thing, so corn proved to be easily obtainable. But soon, I desired more. I set up 9 farms and began farming corn. I fed the crops to my bird, and this gave me many crop seeds, The corn ones I have planted, while the others I have stored for future planting. I have discovered that I somewhat like farming, even though Wigfrid reaps no direct benefits from the harvest.
  8. Hey check out my 2nd video on youtube of a let's play of don't starve!!! It's from a girl gamer point of view as I've only seen guys playing the game. Help my channel grow so we can support KleiEntertainment. I LOVE THIS GAME!!!! <3 Here's the link to my LP
  9. Half life or any game that is on sale but post the game on here first
  10. As most of us know, farming bees/honey is a great way to get loads of extra health and food relatively easy, with multiple bee boxes providing a great amount of food, sanity being taken care of due to the introduction of taffy, a good defensive structure when combined with bee mines and a great way to store excess food as honey doesn't spoil in the actual boxes. I think to stop players constantly farming bee boxes, i propose a kind of Queen Bee boss that is summoned after the player farms many boxes in a time period or after a set amount interval, and that the boss could summon bees from the nearby boxes to attack the player, discouraging the creation of many at a time. If anyone from the forums or any dev would like to either add to or comment on this idea, or if mass farming in this way could be dealt with more effectively with another suggestion, let me know!
  11. So your working on a mod manager basically? We really need one now
  12. On one of McMatthews threads on the "Plauge Doctor" someone went into plants an herbs and if eaten would have differnt effects.
  13. Today I made a new world with one simple goal: Build a super berry base. I was fortunate enough to find a spot near rabbits with a short walk to the local Beefalo herd. Within 10 days I had 40 berry bushes and 3-7 berries sprouting each day. I built my berry patch along a cliff, and this seems to stymie the gobblers. Synopsis: Wilson would live very comfortably for the rest of his days so long as he didn't get tired of berries. Then it hit me: What if one day, Wilson turned to me and said, "Bro, I am so tired of berries. My poop smells like fruit." The Problem: The ability to mass-produce a single food resource without any diminishing returns rewards passive play. The Solution: Dietary Attrition. With my solution, characters would eventually tire of eating the exact same things over and over again. If in at least X days, Y of a given resource are consumed, Z days of attrition for that food are earned. Foods with attrition restore less hunger and health. Higher tier foods (those with the more complex recipes) are more resistant to attrition, while lower-tier foods (i.e., uncooked carrots & berries) are more susceptible to attrition. Adding More Depth: The effects of attrition are increased depending on how many days of attrition are left for a given food. Basic foods contribute slightly to the attrition of more complex recipes that use them. At the maximum threshold of attrition, a given food loses all of its dietary value. Eating that food causes Wilson to exclaim, "I think I'm going to puke!" and then vomit, undoing the effects of foods eaten within the last M hours. Foods also grant bonuses to health and hunger for the first N items consumed after waiting an especially long period between consumptions of that food, and when first discovered. Attrition Resistance: To balance complexity with availability, lower-tier foods penalize high-frequency consumption, while higher-tier foods penalize bulk consumption. Effects on Current Gameplay: Players will be penalized for relying solely on the food resources provided by a single biome or small area. In order to progress in the game, players will need to spend more time exploring the world in order to incorporate new food sources into their diet. This game is called "Don't Starve", after all, and not "Fight Lots of Hell Hounds". Effects on Future Gameplay: If Winter is being added, we'll almost certainly see other seasons, if not non-traditional seasons. For instance, Beefalo Mating Season may be the first K days after winter. Seasons will force players to adapt their production lines. When a new season is near, players will have to stockpile food in such a way as to minimize the attrition from food they've already eaten. Players will need to adapt to new production lines available only during the next season, and adapt to their established production lines going 'out of season'. Example: During Beefalo Mating Season, players can't rely on manure in their supply chains, as it will be much more dangerous to acquire. Instead, meat sources will be more important. With the promise of new Beefalo in the herd, players should consider adding Beefalo to their diet. That's all I got for the moment. Let me know what you think. I'd very much appreciate any feedback that can be offered.
  14. Not too long ago, I planted 5 spider nests a bit away from my home. After I planted all of them, I heard this strange windy noise. Like when wind blows through a cave. It doesn't seem to occur with one or two nests together though. Anyone else notice this and/or can confirm it? I was in a savanna biome when it happened and don't have more nests to test it out.
  15. Hi everyone, I am low on health, and I'm pretty sure that eating food gives you health, but what if I am full with hunger, 100 percent, and if I eat more, wont I faint or explode or something? How can I heal myself? Also, I built the second farm, the one that takes 4 poop, how do I use it? Lastly, I recently encountered a treeguard and it is sleeping now, if it somehow wakes up, will it kill me or will it wander around and help me kill bad monsters? Please help, thanks!
  16. So I've been trying to get the demo to run on Chrome to see if it'll work if I buy it. I finally got the program to install by doing what this guy did. Now, though, it's stuck on Loading Executable. I've restarted Chrome, even restarted the computer, with no luck. I know people have gotten it working in the past with Native Client, and am wondering if someone's encountered this issue and gotten past it.
  17. Currently the pathway to a farmer is way too easy with seeds practically thrown at your feet wherever you go. Why not have the plants grow in the wild and you have to search and collect the fruit to harvest the seeds or dig up the plant and plop it in your farm. The wild plants grow as if they were on turbo farms so you wouldn't want to always dig them up straight away. The wild plants will bear fruit everyday unless an animal has eaten it or it is winter. Dug up plants will only bear fruit as fast as the type of farm they are planted in and must be fertilized as normal while plants grown from seeds will need to be replanted after every harvest. Maybe have a farmer character where all seeds grown don't need to be replanted. With the crock pot it is tedious to always drag each individual item to the pot. Why not have a drop down menu like science machine of all the recipes you have discovered and with any possible combinations available depending on whats in your inventory.
  18. I found a cool way to get infinite meat and tallbird eggs. First, find a tallbird nest. Make sure the Tallbird is dead, because it will be easier to do things later (tallbirds do respawn at there nests). Then spawn in an optimus pine. Lead him over to the nest, then run away leaving him at the nest (if you get far away enough he'll unaggro so even if its by your camp you should be okay). Wait a little while, and periodically check on the nest. The tallbird will attack anything near its nest and the optimus pine is near invincible while doing tons of damage. It kills the tallbird leaving the meat and egg for you to collect (like I said earlier the optimus pine unaggros on you as long as you dont chop down any trees in his vicinity, so you dont have to worry about him while collecting). Just visit the nest every once in a while, because the mobs will only fight eachother if you can see them. That is all and happy farming!
  19. Bug Submission Please choose a category [Gameplay] Platform Steam Chrome Version Number - Issue title Traps not functioning on birds Steps to reproduce Place trap and bait with seeds Describe your issue :confused:Since the latest update any traps I bait with seeds no longer catch birds. Now when I bait the traps with seed, the birds simply land, eat the seeds and leave. I have not caught a single bird since the latest update. This is really frustrating as I rely on birds for a food source when doing primary exploration of the map.
  20. When the game started it was a wilderness explorer and survival game. It still is now but with the crock pot, the turbo farm, transplantable items, bee boxes and the recent addition of the Krampus the developers seem to be pushing more towards the farmer survival style. I myself do prefer this style, but I think it could use more challenge. As a farmer there are very little things that can threaten you when you have settled, the exception are hounds but those can be easily dealt with. Perhaps the developers should add in storms or some other kind of crop destroying thing, such as squirrels to add more challenge to that aspect of the game. However that's just my opinion, what do you think? P.S. Please try to use family-friendly language in this thread.
  21. From what I have read on the Roadmap and elsewhere on the forums, it feels as if the developers are trying to figure out what to do with farming. The primary problem is that players have a tendency to make a camp/farm and spend all their time at the camp not doing much exploring. I believe this is why Hell Hounds are the way they are; they discourage holing up in one place. So how do you have farming, yet not encourage players to spend all their time in one place? I believe the best solution would be to adjust the risk/rewards for farming. As it is, the reward (survival off of nothing else but farms) is sufficient enough to preclude exploration, even with the risks that have been added (hell hounds). Rather than increasing the risks of farming (and discourage farming), why not reduce the yield of food obtainable by farming instead? Make it so that farms alone cannot sustain us; encourage us to find other sources of food that, while riskier, provide enough morsels to eat. The risk/reward ratio I envision is this: Farming- Low Risk/Low Reward (maybe have it take longer time for food to grow from transplanted bushes, or from bushes too close together) Foraging- Low Risk/ Medium Reward Pigs/Beefalos- Medium Risk/Medium Reward Killing monsters- High Risk/High Reward
  22. UPDATED BY COREY: Over the past few months, we've quietly added in some new people onto our team who said Don't Starve multiplayer can be a thing; after a couple of months and an office-wide session of multiplayer Don't Starve, we were convinced that it was worth exploring and bringing it to our community. Learn more about it in our official announcement! ORIGINAL POST BY KEVIN: There has been a lot of talk about adding a multiplayer or co-op mode. I’d like to give our official response to this suggestion, and clear up any confusion that people might have. As you can see from the game’s roadmap, our vision for the game does not include network play. We have promised our players an awesome single player experience, and we are devoting all of our time and resources towards fulfilling this promise. We are even committing to six months of continued support after launch, so that we can make the game even better. Don’t Starve was designed and implemented as a single-player game. At the code level, you have to do things a lot differently if you want to play over a network. If we were to implement multiplayer now, we would have to re-architect all of this code, which would have unavoidable spill-over effects for the single player experience. This would make it harder for us to fulfil the promises that we’ve made, and compromise the overall quality of the game. This is an amazing community, and we really value your feedback, as you can see from our constant updates and hotfixes. We have discussed and debated multiplayer A LOT within the studio. In the end, we have concluded that we can make a better game, and better support the community, if it remains single player. This is why we are not planning on adding multiplayer or co-op to Don’t Starve. Now let’s get on with making the best single player game we can make!
  23. Bug Submission Please choose a category [Gameplay] Platform Steam Version Number - Issue title Item disappeared Steps to reproduce 4 chest, 5 Stingers in inventory go to click on the chest on the left to drop stingers in click on a different chest close to it (I clicked on the one to the right of the chest i was storing the items in) then as your dropping the item in the left chest you'll walk to the right but as you put them into the left chest click back on that quickly to open and see the stingers inside and the item 5 bee stingers went away and i didn't have them in inventory or any of the chest. Describe your issue I just went to collect stingers and was bringing them back to store them in my chest and i quickly dragged them to the 1 chest on the left the accidentally clicked to walk away to the right to a different chest immediately after i stored the stingers but i quickly clicked back on the chest that i stored the stingers in on the left and it showed them for a millisecond then they were gone right in front of my eyes. Not sure how this happened but that's pretty much how it happened.
  24. If they do, couldn't you just run with a torch and plant a ton of traps overnight? Or if they don't, just plant the traps anyway and kill one the next morning with a weapon? The new scared mechanic may not have nerfed farming as much as they'd like...