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These roads, they were made for meeee


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I'm in a silly mood.Okay, anyone else remembers Enigma of Amigara Fault? (this little thing http://www.justmegawatt.com/comics/enigmaofamigarafault.htmlYou read from right to left by the way *cough* forgot to mention when I first posted this)The roads in Don't Starve remind me of that something fierce.post-9806-13764591151239_thumb.jpg...these roads.THEY WERE MADE FOR MEEE

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when they crisscross all wriggly, for some reason it gives me the creeps XD

I like to imagine them as viens. Not saying that I like to do certain stuff..I don't know much about the comics though.

its a creepy/weird guro thing. It's short, I recommend reading it just for the heck of it. Edited by Silvi
bad memory
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[MENTION=9806]Silvi[/MENTION], took me 17 pages before I realized you must read from right to left. Bookmarked at page 24, I will get to it later. Seems like a nice history.Here, have one too.

XD I know looking for group, though it's not nearly as good now as it was when it started.and the guro thing is pretty short, I think it has 28 pages or something close to it.
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