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How Can I optimize performance

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I have played for over 1700+ circle, the game is lag, duplicate always run but no process, even in slowest speed, How can I optimize game performance to resolve this problem? 

for now.

I have killed all my morbs and stop my pollute oxygen farm.

I have killed almost all my hatches.

sweep all regolith to the container.

 fill outside with oxygen.

pump liquid into the tank.

but it still lags. what can I do ?


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The best way to reduce lag in ONI is to make sure you don't have Chrome open in the background. It's a memory hog.

If you find that still hasn't solved your issues, try using debug temporarily and doing mass floor sweeps, deleting all surface regolith, and getting rid of any stray materials throughout the asteroid.

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Same problem in my previous game.. My advice.. start a new one. In this new one consume as much resources as you can. And keep a small number of dupes. Also get rid of the regolith.. under you have some types of smelters for the regolith. Use it. Even if is in storage or in a closed box where the dupe can't reach, your processor still calculate how much you have...slowing down your speed. If isn't any more...less calculation to be made... better performance. 

In mi current game I will melt all the regolith, then sandstone, then sedimentary rock...etc...


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Apart from what has already been said my best advice is to try and make dupe choices in pathing as few as possible. Preferably only one. That means limiting the number of ways a dupe can get from point A to point B anywhere on the map. I use strict mono-pathing so there's always one, and only one, way for dupes to get from anywhere on the map to another. This is because every time a dupe has to do an action it checks all, and I do mean all, the possible paths he can take to get to the task, even if they don't make sense, and even if the next task is right next to him/her.

There also filling up the map with tiles. Gas/liquid calculations take up quite a lot of processor time because it needs to check temperature, gas/liquid interaction, pressure equalization etc etc. And it does that 25 times per second. Note that vacuum counts as a gas in that respect now so filling vast areas with vacuum does absolutely nothing, the calculation is still done even if the result is predictably zero. Tile interaction is a lot simpler as they aren't going anywhere, don't change places etc etc. 

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