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If exosuit checkpoints are stiffling your builds..

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I don't know why, but my duplicants just cant fetch items from faraway, then bring them over the other side via a checkpoint.. Here's my only working solution so far:




Klei could maybe solve this somehow with changes to duplicant pathing code & job interruptions regarding exo checkpoints.

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I have 1 "Super" exosut checkpoint that exits my main base (think it has 17 suites in it..) in my last 3 bases (started new base with Expressive and Rocketry updates) and have never had a problem. My main base is air tight with 1 exit with exosuit dock. They carry stuff in and out of the base for delivery all the time (my storages are inside)

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Yeah this is a suit overload issue. I have formulated a perfect solution:

1 way Transit tubes into vacuum/Hazard zone.

Thus, all 88 dups can bring stuff with The tube (If enough Power..) then return to base walking when suffocating =].

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