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  1. This update is potentially a big can of Worms. The big issue I think will Be obnoxiously expensive insulation requiring space tech. This Will not be an early game issue, but when you open space biome, regolith heat transfer can potentially boil your colony, needs vacuum or now removed abyssalite. Also liquid Oxygen, liquid hydrogen will likely need insulated abyssalite to stay liquid, at 400kg/block that is problematic..
  2. apparently my map just got some random drops of phosphor on random spots, weird. Some sort of mapgen bug.
  3. What is causing phosphorus liquid to come from polluted water boiling? My electrolyzer setup is seconds from blowing up..
  4. @Cheerio are you happy with how the oil cracking / sour gas balance is now, is the specific heat capacity going to stay at this extremely low value or some slightly higher number? I'm interested because in a gaming sense even cracking oil to sour gas beats petroleum for water, but with current values it is rather unfeasible even with extreme engineering. I have to decide (& a fair bit of other people) between dismantling a cosmic update volcano-oil boiler for a petroleum one, versus keeping it and not using it for a while + removing coolant.
  5. I used to build 10kg/s boilers for water. So it was never about Power. Regolith/magma could boost a volcano, this is viable. But unsure If even pyrrus can improve a volcano output to 8MW. * Relatively speaking sourgas is a bigger heatsink (More than 80% heat energy destroying) than polluted water was. This makes heat exchangers almost useless. * It opens up natural gas mining though. You can mine the Underworld magma, turn it into oilcooled sourgas -> natgas & move your dupes under the asteroid.
  6. 6,85 megawatts per 10kg sourgas. Average major volcano outputs 1kg/s 1725C magma. If using this magma to 125C, you get out 1.6 megawatts. So... For a 10kg/s sourgas build you need 5 volcanos. For a 10kg/s petroleum build you need 0.5 volcanos (on my prototype the petrol cane out at 130-133C so se used 780kW). * I declare sourgas a dead end, like Steam turbine.
  7. 2.5kg/s co2, 3.75kg/s water from petroleum @10kg/s 1.675kg/s co2, 5kg/s water from sourgas @10kg/s. 2.5kg/s co2, 7.5kg water from natural gas @10kg/s. .. Sourgas is worse then petroleum from My point of view.
  8. And 33% worse when compared to co2/slicksters, and 90% less heat efficient. I cant think of a way to Make boiling viable at these conversion rates. Low shc: a single AETN can likely make massive amounts of cooled methane.
  9. I guess the suggestions forum is for suggestions. Your refinery idea would likely revive natgas boiling, which devs clearly want to kill. Getting ngas + pW would Be better than getting natgas. Current meta Power is infinite, limits come from calories/cycle, water/oxygen, raw metal (to a lesser degree).
  10. Big missed opportunity with rocketry was adding liquid oxygen as Fuel. There already were billion builds out there By players and no magic box.
  11. So My duplicant took a magmaswim to prepare a volcanic oil boiler. He left behind a 4000gram tile of refined carbon and reported "toasty surroundings" but took no health dmg. I guess the snazzy suits arent worn over the atmosuits, so in theory they should not melt unless the duplicant is also melting. Another thing is, a duplicant without insulation takes health damage in an 80 celsius sauna, but goes out without a scratch from molten magma in an atmosuit. Maybe magma + atmosuit should also trigger scalding, while not carbonating the underwear.
  12. I'm planning an efficient oil boiler, and a smelter oil preheater is truly a precious thing. Same If you want a better output pW boiler you can run some of the water through a smelter for heat, that comes at a specific temperature depending on metal chosen.
  13. This bug was not replicable after re-loading same save.
  14. I was able to replicate this bug, and its related to natural gas and oil and specific heat specifically, and occurs with volcanoes and natural gas boiling. NG has specific heat of 2.191, while crude oil has 1.69. High density (>10kg) of NG has a higher thermal mass than 10kg of crude oil. In the screenshots below my 370 degree oil is being HEATED by the higher thermal energy, lower temperature natural gas: before breaking - After breaking: So, here we have 30kg density of 275 degree temperature natural gas boiling 10kg oil to 400 degrees and breaking the pipe. Here is the save attached: thermal bug.sav Steps to reproduce: 1) Load save. 2) Fix broken pipe segment using the debug tool. 3) Paint over 220 Celsius vacuum on the spilled oil using the debug tool. 4) Set thermal sensor on the liquid shutoff to >200 degrees. 5) Watch oil boil to 400 degrees at sub 330 degrees gas.