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  1. The Fog of War does not disappear [SU-291640]

    That is a"Point of Interest" for it to clear you must enter it, that is normal. your "Bug" is that there is no door to enter it..
  2. Frozen dupes

    Yeah, had 2 do this so far. 1 was stuck mining snow till i cancelled the mine amd redid it. And another stuck picking up a weezewort seed, after about 30 seconds of trying another dupe picked it up and ran off with it and he unstuck..
  3. Ok. That does make sense. And an easy fix. But this is the first i had this issue. There have been 20+ in there for a long time and the issue just started today. In my previous (Rocketry Update) base i could mouse over the general critter dropoff and it would say 40/20 yet my ranchers were still using them i thought, sure seamed like it because my ranches never over populated. But doesnt matter, easy fix just some doors. will do, thanks. Worked like a charm, Rancher is Ranching again
  4. Also, the incubator has a baby critter in it, he won't remove it to the dropoff points either.
  5. In update 289764 (beta- Space Industry) I started a new map and setup 2 ranches, 1 small with Auto-wrangle if above 2, and a larger one with auto wrangle above 6. And a drop off point elsewhere in the base that could accept the wrangled critters. For update 289764 & 289971 it worked perfectly, then 290148/290261 live went out. Now my rancher runs in, wrangles the surplus, then runs off to do build/dig tasks or any other task he can find (not a priority for him) instead of moving them. Originally all were set to priority 5, but when it stopped working I change the "receiver" ones to 7 and the ranch ones to 6, still just wrangles and leaves a stack at the dropoff (ended up deconstructing floor under wrangled critters to get them out). EDIT: Dooring in dropoffs should fix. Will try.
  6. Just happened to me and was worried about it, dupe gone from everything. Priorities tab, Jobs list, even her Mess Table and Bed became "unassigned". Glad to see if I deconstruct the command module she will reappear (not doing it just yet, I gave her mess table away ). She mastered every job, would suck if she is gone forever. Update, trained another astronaut (was going to make a second rocket) out of no where he decided to join the first "vanished" dupe in the first rocket. When he came back he had no atmo suit and all stats had reset to starting (not job bonuses, just stats, example he was one of my original dupes so had worked Athletics up to over 20, now was back to 4 base (still had job bonuses.)) Then switched him off astronaut so he wouldn't do it again and launched the rocket again (and noticed on the rocket screen is still said Ashkan was in the rocket, the orignal "vanishing" dupe was Liera) when the rocket got back the second time, Ashkan got out of it again and it now shows the rocket command module as empty, so basically Ashkan jumping in the rocket while Liera was stuck inside duplicated Ashkan and erased Liera. And I can confirm it Duplicated Ashkan as Ashkan had 5 Neural Vascilator traits, and now I have 2 Ashkans with those traits... (renamed second one Dupe of a Dupe)
  7. Update: I did save/close and reopen a close the game a few times hitting resume and the issue persisted (this was the spotty play time I have.) but I got them to eat by Save/Load. So it is something with the resume I believe.
  8. I had a Drecko ranch, room size 96, has 3 glossy dreckos in it, they used to eat the mealwook growing in it, but they (all 3) started "Starving" over a cycle ago, and all 8 of the mealwood plants in the room are fully grown.