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Mesh Tiles and Scanners

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Glass blocks them 100%.  My working setup went from 100% network signal to 0% after the patch. 

I'm not sure Klei even knows how a proper solar setup should work, but they seem to be removing stuff as people figure out what works.  Quite frustrating after I already re-did my whole solar setup to remove stacked panels that worked fine previously. I did this in survival prior to the patch, based on patch notes.  Then the patch hits and it's no longer working now due to the glass changes.

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Good news everyone.

Mesh tiles do(currently) work.

For some magical reason they do not restrict light at all(which I suspect is why glass now blocks signal quality)


You can see the very slight reduction in light the glass tiles are causing that the mesh tile does not.  One glass tile reduced the signal quality to something like 57%

Airflow tiles work as well.

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