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Dude seriously with the freaking steam turbine?

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Unsure if this is a rant about the steam turbine itself or a rant about people ranting about the steam engine....
But if it's the former I'll do the latter!

Dude, seriously with all the complaints about the steam turbine! 


This is built in survival and runs fine until all the heat is drained from the volcano output and then removes the indigenous rock.

The Steam turbine does not consume more heat if the the other bottom tiles are uncovered nor does it throughput more steam. It does however transfer more heat from the bottom steam to the top steam simply through thermal conductance which is why those stacked steam turbine builds work (inefficiently). The steam engine takes steam of any temp above 500K and outputs it at 425K at a rate of 10kg/s. If your steam is too hot, you are going to waste a lot of heat. And finally, steam turbines do not delete matter (caveat: tested only in pure steam environments). Door pumps do though, if they are set too fast.


Diamond clear tiles and transfer plates for best heat conductivity. Adds more heat if temp of steam is below 230C.


Simple door pump with automation consisting of a pulse generator, two buffer gates to control the first 2 doors and a buffer and filter gate to delay the opening of the last door.
All that pesky automation to the right is to manage the sweeper in a vacuum.


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I don't even know how to begin with the steam turbine, and all this complaining about it has made me a bit scared to... I have a lot of magma at the bottom of my map, and a lot of water, so it seems like it would be obvious to make one, but it seems like something that I could easily loose control over... Sigh...

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