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  1. I've been experiencing this bug as well. The glass inside the forge exchanges heat with the forge and cools down just enough that as soon as it exits the forge it solidifies and breaks the pipe (insulated abysalite). The forge continues to operate and more glass builds up inside, all the while exchanging heat with the forge and cooling down. Basically once this happens the forge needs to be rebuilt.
  2. Exosuits can be used by anydupe. Exosuit Engineer only allows Dupes to ignore the penalties of the suits. This is not a bug.
  3. Thanks for the fix! Much better now
  4. I believe you also need to have liquid glass go in in order to research
  5. Can confirm. I've experienced this bug twice in the last couple days. The sweepers show "delivering" and both them and the conveyor receptacle freeze, that is, the receptacle becomes unavailable to other sweepers but still takes items from the belt. Enabling/disabling does not affect the bug. Reloading the map/game unfreezes them. In this image the middle sweeper is bugged and is both not doing anything itself and and is preventing the top sweeper from emptying the receptacle. As I was examining this an egg expired and the top sweeper swept the eggshell... though it seems to be ignoring the raw egg as well now.... Anyway, savefile is attached, though the bug is not persistent across saves/loads. (Sweepers get real busy after load though) Merry Pigpen.sav
  6. Did you load my savefile and find the issue not reproducible?Specs and log file attached. It doesn't seem like spec related lag though. It is a timed freeze of the game synced exactly with the game clock with no variation. Normally when the game over-stresses the system the frame rate drops to 1 or so as everything slows down and does so irregularily. In this case the frame rate remains constant (~20fps) and the game becomes unresponsive (no scrolling or other action) for a split second every second. As to what I was doing... I am building a large set of hatch stables. Lots of building and rebuilding various components but nothing stand out since I didn't notice a correlation with any task. One unusual thing I did was I had previously reloaded a bunch of saves (working backward in the autosaves) because a different bug (autosweepers cease functioning under high workload sometimes) broke part of my build. And I didn't do anything between going from the bugged save to functional save though I restarted the game, then the computer, earlier to see if that fixed it. Then reloaded the bugged save then an older save. Further, the bug is also present in windows version of this game (tested it there as well). lshw-systemspec.txt Player.log
  7. If the priority of the coal gen is not higher than the coal source then the sweepers will not sweep. Otherwise it is likely this bug again.
  8. The game lags/freezes in a pulsing fashion like clockwork every second. Frame rates (using the steam frame rate monitor) are not affected and remain steady. The issue is save file specific as reverting to an earlier save fixes the issue while restarting the game does not. This occurs both on the live branch and the hotfix branch. Merry Pigpen.sav
  9. Same issue here. Reloading map, and rebuilding or disabling fixes the issue but tends to reoccur regularly in cases where the sweeper is constantly busy.
  10. Ranchers will not transfer critters between rooms using the critter drop-off. I've tried everything I can think off such as changing the priorities of the drop offs, changing the priorities of the rancher, changing the stable design but they just won't wrangle... function. Even if they are locked in the area. Merry Pigpen.sav
  11. Looks like cooking regolith will provide plenty of energy for the process. Some quick math: Summary, at a 1:1 of cooked regolith to cooked crude oil, you'll still have plenty of heat left in the ingenious rock to dump elsewhere such as the cold natural gas or steam turbines. @The Flying Fox I see we had the same idea again Huh, so cooking crude oil to natural gas is only 16.66% better than just cooking to petroleum if all one is looking at is the water output... Until we get a use for sulfur anyway..
  12. Huh, Looking at the Specific heats of Crude Oil(1.69), Petrolium (1.76), Sour Gas(0.242) and Natural gas (2.191), the new cookers/distillers are going to be massive heat sinks... The cold natural gas can of course be used at that temp but it's still going to require heating to keep the NG generators at a workable temp. Designs that rely on heat exchanges recover heat are going to be less effective too..
  13. Should be, they didn't change that state transition. Though I expect they will add a use for sour gas at some point. A gas distillery or some such.
  14. Well, It is ironic that this change now requires one to use the sieve or other fixed output/input devices/critters to destroy heat since pH2O boiling was so effective at cooling the base. Also, it's been mentioned before above but I too dislike the apparent trend towards being given purpose built buildings for problems as opposed to encouraging the creation of large complex self designed machines that rely on physics properties of the world. It was the ability to make these that made me excited about ONI in the first place and what I've spent the majority of my time on in game. It is what makes ONI unique to my mind and differentiates it from games like factorio. That said, I enjoy the plasticity of the game with the regular updates and look forward to exploring this new patch
  15. Ah, apologies if I was vague. I'm talking about the critters themselves not laying any eggs upon their reproduction counter reaching 100% not the eggs not hatching after reaching 100% incubation. Though I have encountered the incubation bug as well, if somewhat sporadically and not recently. Unless you mean the two bugs are related/linked?