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Sealing off Regolith

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What happens if i build the whole bunker row right under the limit zone on space? everything on top disappears? Is it safe to do or should i do it?

For me i prefer to lose the input of the regolith and adjacent iron from the comets in balance whit 5 minutes of loading and game running in slow motion. I still have 8500 tones of it and i remain without it i can always replace the bunker tiles whit bunker doors to control the input of regolith.

And yes from what i tested everything on top of the second row disappears.. so no more regolith and free iron. The sooner you make this barrier the less regolith you will have in the asteroid, the smoother will work your computer...

In this game play i will destroy as much resources i can. Even lava :)

My objective in this game (only pacifist dupes) no tamed creatures, less resources as possible stored, convert the unused resources to usable resources, and this time my principal power will be steam generators, second hydrogen, third coal, forth natural gas, fifth manual generators (wheels)

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