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  1. on preview updates there's debug logging running in the background and that's lagging the game, you can disable it but you should leave it enabled so that developers deliver greater quality content
  2. Let us replace ladders with plastic ladders PLS
  3. I'm still crashing everytime i open the starmap and I can't launch it sadly even though I updated the game
  4. I have 3 dupes in the astronaut job and it still says that, did anyone find out how to do this?
  5. is the rocket system functional yet? It shows missing astronaut despite the fact that i have a dupe that has the job selected(debug mode)
  6. As seen in this video, the gas vent deletes the water
  7. Not even that fixes it for me Klei please fix this the dreckos are starving themselves to death
  8. Can confirm that this happened to me as well Not sure what's causing it but it's very annoying and hard to fix without debug or flooding your entire base