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  1. Atmo suits

    oh my, you're right wow...
  2. Atmo suits

    No, I just had 4 atmosuits in the whole base I think it was because of some mods(even though disabling them didn't fix the bug, disabling them and creating a new world seemed to fix the bug). I think the 'problem mods' were packs and 75kg storage docks(not trying to badmouth them here)
  3. Does anybody else's atmosuits just dissapear randomly? Dupes don't load them back in the stations and they just poof out of existance
  4. Thanks a lot! Now I can continue working on my base unbothered by hot co2 everywere
  5. Please remove it completely I'd prefer if I could output it with the dock but I think that's difficult to do modding-wise so removing it is for the best
  6. hello @Cairath, can you make a mod that makes the jetpacks not emit co2 everywere?
  7. mind reacting to my post when you do so?
  8. i tried all the sensors, only the critters one works
  9. i think the critter sensor mod doesn't work with eggs, the eggs are not detected at least not detected in a 192 tiles room with the mod that expands the rooms
  10. [Game Update] - 284571

    on preview updates there's debug logging running in the background and that's lagging the game, you can disable it but you should leave it enabled so that developers deliver greater quality content
  11. [Game Update] - 283325

    Let us replace ladders with plastic ladders PLS
  12. I'm still crashing everytime i open the starmap and I can't launch it sadly even though I updated the game
  13. you were right, thanks buddy LET'S GO ROCKETS