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Critter Lure needs priority

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2 minutes ago, tzionut said:

increase priority to 9 to lure.. if the lure isn't accessible build laders...

the lure has no priority number and i have 11t of slime, there's nothing obstructing the way

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2 minutes ago, FierceClaws said:

well, the only way to 100% deliver the lure is to make a storage compactor near the lure with slime in it and then put a door that leads to the lure's location and lock a dupe in, the only task he'll be able to do is put the lure in so he'll do that 

What a journey for a single task.. lol.

But within current system, I can't but agree with that this is only and definite solution

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Well guess i'll just do that, i have to increase the room size anyway to put a door and avoid overcrowd debuff cause the stupid pufts apparently can go through the water and are going outside away from the PO...

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