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Rocketry Waterworld

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In view of rocket fuel production ( oil/petro. ) as an example, or other players fav geysir wishes ( water,water,water :D ), I would find it great if we could have some "Spam more geysirs" option settings before world generation...As another example "Grant me at least X amount of volcanoes" before map generation, Im pretty sure a lot of players would have all kind of geysir setting wishes for their map generation. Perhaps also "Give me X amount of Wheezeworts" or "Add +30 (or -substract ) celsius average environment temperature at game start" to make it easier or harder and such things. Im guilty of posting it not in the suggestion area...I think such requests where raised there a few times in all kind of more or less depth by players.

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15 hours ago, shanemadden said:

Just so you know, the map gen algorithm for the rocketry update preview seems to still be the same as the expressive update (with the addition of fossils down in the oil biome) - I'm getting the same features as the seeds I was using before.

Anyone know how fossils will work on a pre-existing map once this update drops? I know it updates to the newest version, but does that mean fossils will just magically appear after the update.

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I think you need to place the Fossils resource via debug god mode in to an pre-rocketry map. As an example giving it a mass of 10000 tons and painting one cell in to your map, which you can then dig away.


I just had a look in debug, I found the new Sour Gas...But I could not find Fossils in the list ? Perhaps its somewhere in the "Paste Template" drop down menu in debug ? Would be kind if you let me know, Im interested too :)

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