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  1. what is the weight plate made of that it doesn't need steel?
  2. if you have access to Thermium for a single pump you can make a oil boiler very easily. Which with an efficient heat exchange will basically give you all the power you need. Also if your core is Lava thats a **** ton of power for a long time. Or while it is a lot of work, and dupe labor you can set up a ethanol farm.
  3. Yeah the sweeper bug is killing me.... My powerplant uses Slush geyser water to keep it cool, and then that water is sieved and cooled and used for berries. If I run the game for any amount of time over 30 minutes, the sweeper supplying the sieve stops working, the slush water stops, the powerplant overheats, and my food stops getting water.... Most annoying bug ever, especially since this is all vacuum isolated and my only fix is saving and loading over and over.
  4. I am still upset I can't build plastic ladders over regular ones.