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  1. You start spending a hundreds of cycles removing all the heat from the core of the asteroid This use to be Rime....
  2. Battery Heat Math Question

    Yeah I guess the only remaining question Is are Steam Turbines more efficient at lower temps / blocked inputs. I assume not, so I guess this will always be an Energy loss. However, Using it for energy storage at least it recoups a significant amount of power leak.
  3. My problem with this is if it gets over pressurized eventually the crude in the pipe will state change. Even using ceramic it will eventually happen, if say you built a base that didn't need petro for hundreds of cycles while you left it on overnight. To prevent this you would have to force the use of fuel, or vent it to space, which usually goes against my design goals. I find it safer to limit the flow before it gets to the area hot enough to cause state change.
  4. Battery Heat Math Question

    I was originally thinking regular batteries. They would also take less space
  5. How many steel batteries sitting in steam would it take to have 100% up time on a maxed output steam turbine? Would the power generated outpace the power leak?
  6. My current base is past cycle 5,000 and was looking for things to do. I would really be interested in knowing if feeding them makes them molt more. I have way too much polluted dirt production and nothing to do with it at this point.
  7. Most of the time between launches is the travel time. Depending on the distance of the planet, Increasing the loading time 10x, is probably less then a 5% reduction in mass/time.
  8. I gave up on all solutions besides 1,000 g/s because every other method takes an order of magnitude more design for a marginal gain. Build the 1,000 g/s valve within the cold liquidizer, and vent the excess to space instead of recycling and it works flawlessly. Regardless of issues with production, loading, rocket heat, lag, automation ect ect.
  9. Fan of Fahrenheit here! No... not really I just the abbreviation ... F-oFF
  10. Pshh... Let's go one step further and see if this exploit I saw on reddit works for more then just Aquatiners.
  11. Locavore/Carnivore

    Holy crap I wish I knew that about shove voles. I just did it using incubators and ranch hatches and every random drecko I could find and it was a close call. Was made more challenging by doing the sustainable power achievement at the same time, so I had each incubator powered by a hamster wheel.
  12. [Game Update] - 311694

    Yeah the sweeper bug is killing me.... My powerplant uses Slush geyser water to keep it cool, and then that water is sieved and cooled and used for berries. If I run the game for any amount of time over 30 minutes, the sweeper supplying the sieve stops working, the slush water stops, the powerplant overheats, and my food stops getting water.... Most annoying bug ever, especially since this is all vacuum isolated and my only fix is saving and loading over and over.
  13. [Game Update] - 299241

    I am still upset I can't build plastic ladders over regular ones.