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  1. Just so all the comments aren't people that hate it.... I will say that I like it much better. It was annoying, especially on harder difficulty settings, that to advance a single specialized dupe his morale req would be nearly exponential. Now I can specialize earlier, and do interesting things earlier like Ranching or breaking through Abyssalite. I will say that making them get EXP for unrelated tasks doesn't make sense completely. I see two solutions, make EXP skill type specific, or make higher skills require higher related stats.
  2. It is definitely not mandatory. You can get enough Steel to get a single working rocket silo from just Fossil. Then the rocket can eventually bring back all the steel you need.
  3. After a certain point of map complexity (for example Jetpack pathing lagging your game), a watched on screen door opens faster then an off-screen door.
  4. There are tons of games where you don't even realize entire systems or strategies of play exist until you play on a harder difficulty. Oxygen Not Included however doesn't even require that. You are playing differently to manage the effects of stress. Your buildings water locks, your making higher tier food, your managing job promotions, your using exosuits. The sandbox nature makes almost any implementation pointless unless it was ruthlessly balanced against you. Try taking a dupe every 3 cycles and keeping morale balanced and your dupes alive...
  5. Did they remove the ability to place Oil Wells? The good ole Dupe effort until you have enough thermium.
  6. Took me forever to find a seed where I could build this in Survival. Input is 150 degree crude output is 160 ish degree petro, preheating the crude to about 370 -380 ish. Currently running at 3000 g/s for hundreds of cycles, it can do more but that was far more then I needed. The robobiners were completely unnecessary apparently as well. Requires 0 dupe effort once balanced.
  7. You can just loop the pipes to drop back into the cooling chamber so the liquid never sits still. Then no issues with ceramic.
  8. [Game Update] - 311694

    Yeah the sweeper bug is killing me.... My powerplant uses Slush geyser water to keep it cool, and then that water is sieved and cooled and used for berries. If I run the game for any amount of time over 30 minutes, the sweeper supplying the sieve stops working, the slush water stops, the powerplant overheats, and my food stops getting water.... Most annoying bug ever, especially since this is all vacuum isolated and my only fix is saving and loading over and over.
  9. End Game Lack of Resources

    Yeah the only bottlenecks I find are.... Steel -> if you try to build too much with steel before you have a petro cargo rocket. Clay- > If you don't use deodorizers Water -> If you go past 16 dupes and don't get a seed with good geysers. dirt -> The only current one that pisses me off, makes sleet wheat a true pain in the ass.
  10. Any non-debug Turbine builds?

    You can build one to provide power by using hydrogen rocket heat / and volcano heat. You just have to accept it won't run 100% of the time. You can make it crazy simple, dripping water and venting to space and stuff.
  11. the randomness is what gets me... I waited 1,000 cycles for a Care-giving dupe that didn't have horrible negative traits. They should at least decrease the randomness by Cycling through positive traits / care packages until you get them all once, then repeat.
  12. Managing dupe priorities

    Specializing dupes saves TONS of dupe time though. Even if you cross train all the jobs eventually, having 1 dupe be the only cook forever maxes out the skill much faster, and that means much faster cooking saving you enormous amounts of dupe time over thousands of cycles. Same for some other tasks but less meaningful gain, and often better managed by a single ^^, without locking out other dupes.
  13. Maybe larger sequential groups of metal blocks? The best luck I had in trying to optimize a crude-> petro boiler was multiple sequential blocks of metal with radiant pipes in them. 4x4 ish I noticed if they were too small not enough heat transferred, and if they were too few it would normalize the temp when flow was slower.
  14. So in laziness and simplicity I usually use a cold slush geyser to cool a small contained power plant. 2 Petro Gens + 3-4 Gas gens + Polymer Press + Sleeve + 2 Aqua tuners all cooled by the Cool slush, with the warmed up polluted water from the bottom sleeved and cooled by the tuners goes to bristles to create food. A small pump siphons the top layer of water that forms over polluted bottom as well. This means I have a lot of food and a heat stable power system with very little dupe interaction, eventually none with a oil boiler.