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  1. Factorio multiplayer made the single player game worse.... Originally the engine was not deterministic. It was basically completely re-written for the purpose of multiplayer, and has limited a lot of potential improvements and features. Do not want.
  2. This is possible, but we can't get cooking interest with gourmet. Makes sense
  3. You can build airlocks just in like in real life using pumps, multiple sealed doors and timers.... I don't understand how you prevent air from passing between rooms without a very complex system or a dense liquid water lock. I mean a real vacuum chamber would take up half the asteroid. https://www.nasa.gov/multimedia/imagegallery/image_feature_1281.html
  4. I started using the DGSM mod because I got tired of waiting for the stars to align, but most runs I don't use mods and follow the same general path. Basically I like ultra specializing dupes and having them prioritize said tasks, sometimes exclusively. First 3, a Quicklearner with science interest for fastest research, a mole hands with digging to expand quickly, and either a cooking interest with either divers lung / twinkletoes / quick learning OR a science interest with gourmet. On that note, let cooking interest + gourmet exist PLEASE. 4th dupe after that ideal is animal lover + husbandry, will usualy settle for a part match for this one. The first printed dupe gets a free skillpoint well before the first 3 and lets me rush husbandry faster to meet the meat achievement. Everyone after that is just trying to match a trait to an (or multiple) interests. They are all more long term so multiple interests are not a negative anymore. I usualy go for 10 dupes on the first planet, which lets me export excess oxygen to the teleport linked planet and run at least 2 dupes their. This does mean I need some role compression, usuaully involving caregiver + something else, or int decorator + something else. My favorite negative is loud sleeper because I make them private bedrooms anyway. However, bottomless stomach is sometimes helpful for getting the time limited achievements, and I don't mind pacisit(except for diggy) or squeemish as long as not too many have it.
  5. update seems to have broke my game. Anytime a dupe has ground dug under him while I am not watching the screen it gets stuck in the air and doesnt fall, and won't move unless i Save/load or build something under him.
  6. Yeah the sweeper bug is killing me.... My powerplant uses Slush geyser water to keep it cool, and then that water is sieved and cooled and used for berries. If I run the game for any amount of time over 30 minutes, the sweeper supplying the sieve stops working, the slush water stops, the powerplant overheats, and my food stops getting water.... Most annoying bug ever, especially since this is all vacuum isolated and my only fix is saving and loading over and over.
  7. I am still upset I can't build plastic ladders over regular ones.