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  1. the randomness is what gets me... I waited 1,000 cycles for a Care-giving dupe that didn't have horrible negative traits. They should at least decrease the randomness by Cycling through positive traits / care packages until you get them all once, then repeat.
  2. Managing dupe priorities

    Specializing dupes saves TONS of dupe time though. Even if you cross train all the jobs eventually, having 1 dupe be the only cook forever maxes out the skill much faster, and that means much faster cooking saving you enormous amounts of dupe time over thousands of cycles. Same for some other tasks but less meaningful gain, and often better managed by a single ^^, without locking out other dupes.
  3. Maybe larger sequential groups of metal blocks? The best luck I had in trying to optimize a crude-> petro boiler was multiple sequential blocks of metal with radiant pipes in them. 4x4 ish I noticed if they were too small not enough heat transferred, and if they were too few it would normalize the temp when flow was slower.
  4. So in laziness and simplicity I usually use a cold slush geyser to cool a small contained power plant. 2 Petro Gens + 3-4 Gas gens + Polymer Press + Sleeve + 2 Aqua tuners all cooled by the Cool slush, with the warmed up polluted water from the bottom sleeved and cooled by the tuners goes to bristles to create food. A small pump siphons the top layer of water that forms over polluted bottom as well. This means I have a lot of food and a heat stable power system with very little dupe interaction, eventually none with a oil boiler.
  5. No... You just need to produce more then you use on average, and then have a large enough battery bank to last through night / meteor showers / peak times. Which depending on the size of your power use and generation can be a lot of batteries, and even if you can't reach that point every battery will reduce oil/gas/hydrogen consumption necessary. There's no reason not to make a massive battery bank, and heat neutralize it with a single nullifier....
  6. I have had sweepers break where they won't pick anything up anymore. To fix it I had to disable dupe priority to deliver, and then re-enable dupe priority to deliver.
  7. Easy Crude - petroleum design?

    This actually gives me an idea to finish my system. My issue was I can get the boiler working but it was near impossible to balance oil production to match the heat production of the volcano (without destroying excess petro). Using a second output for a steam generator to keep it below lava temps should work...
  8. Magma Volcano mining

    I have spent a lot of time trying to figure out an automated system.... The best I have gotten is to increase the width and height of the tank, and decrease the amount of heat I am extracting (preheating crude with outgoing petro in my case). My idea was I would just manually dig it out every few hundred cycles. However, this causes new lava to melt the solid rock before the tank fully solidifies. Eventually this overfills with magma somehow, I suspect the state changes of the solid igneous being re-melted by new lava is actually increasing the amount of energy in the tank. You could probably design it with an overflow that vents into space when it is too full. Unfortunately my volcano is not near space, however with your location it might work.
  9. Cooling a gold valcano

    I usually run my petro/oil in radiant pipes through all the metal volcanoes I have before consuming it. Sometimes if placement works first through a steam geyser to condense it. In the beginning it is just to cool the metal, in the end it is for increasing the heat efficiency of my boiler without having to redesign or pipe anything.
  10. [Game Update] - 299241

    I am still upset I can't build plastic ladders over regular ones.
  11. 1000 degree thermal sensor

    Super-coolant turns to gas just above the oil-> petro level. Makes it very easy to make. requiring only a tiny amount of super-coolant.
  12. Clearly fake.... the real story of a 1 dupe run is him getting his head entombed in the ceiling before cycle 2
  13. speculations

    Must be included or riot: PLASTIC LADDER BUILD-ABLE OVER REGULAR LADDER!!! High on my List: Fix Rockets on Save/Load Vacillator Priority setting. Sustainable Tungsten Jet Suit lag fix. Balance With List: Steam Turbine Re balancing & Determined Per Input Doors Require Power To Open/Close With Automation, Lock/Unlock without power instead? Automation Sensors Require Dupe Interaction to Change Values (Possible remote automation switch stations added to compensate). Gas Transformation Fixed. Feature Wish List: "Operator" -> Performs Dupe Operate Like Sweeper "Harvestor" -> Performs Dupe Harvest Like Sweeper
  14. I have been working on a oil-petro volcano boiler using thermium to pump 450 degree petro (everything else is steel). The Boiling part works very well so far. I had to do some manual interaction to prevent the lava from overflowing in the start (Have not yet worked out a system to keep an autosweeper in range & cool, and automate the collection igneous rock without losing too much heat. ) Hopefully after I figure out that part it should be automatic. The petro is used to preheat incoming crude then used.