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  1. Agreed.. but this game NEEDS some Quick Tips. It should be a main feature for a game this complicated. I should not have to look everything up or use Darwinism to play this game.
  2. Jesus.. thats like intense. I was excited.. now I'm scared. I don't wanna have to travel and find a clock. I can barely survive the 1st island as I don't read spoilers and I try to figure stuff out naturally. However, this new Aporkoplyse seems like something I'd never figure out myself without help or reading.
  3. So it will not disable itself over time or turn off? Aporkalypse forever unless I find and fix the clock? That's all I really want to know, and if it does shut off by itself, how long does that take?
  4. I'm still not clear on this, read many threads but I can't find the answer yet. I know you can avoid or manipulate the event using a secret calendar you find somewhere on the 5th Island, but does it ever stop on its own or does it just keep going until you find it and fix it? Also, after thats done, does it still respawn again in however many days?
  5. Pig Thieves

    When the happened to me, I lured the guards and murdered them all for my money back. Street justice!! And it worked, they all had the coins still.
  6. Smalest pig town?

    I like them small. Less travel time getting around and it concentrates the guards. It also seems random to me. One time I got a map like the OP here, and right after got a HUGE town like 5 screens in size. The bandit seems to come around more often in small towns, I barley run into him in big ones
  7. Sneezing Season

    Tea trees... there is an easy solution that'll get you past the first season until a neetle farm can be grown. Chop as many of them as you can that are big enough to drop seed pods.. replant all of these near your base and they'll be ready to cut down again by the time sneezing season starts. The seed pods aren't a perfect cure, you need lots of them, but since you can use a TON of wood in the early game, I find it much easier than stressing finding neetles by the 1st sneezing season.
  8. For Those Who Say Hamlet Is Too Easy

    You don't need to have traditional seasons to know that cold means put on warm clothing. I think you want me to admit that I was wrong and that Hamlet is super easy to understand with no guides or anything, but its not going to happen. I really do like the game, its a great addition. I just wish that now that they've appeared on what we can only assume is an alien landscape, that they make SOMETHING to ease us into the mechanics of that world They could even have a library pig with an archive of important facts (like a lot of NPCs in other RPG games). It seems their trying to mix that in anyways, so why not run with it?
  9. How to renew Rainforest Trees?

    I like this.. it doesn't seem like so much of a mistake, as instead a statement of rain forest conservation. I mean, you can't just regrow a rain forest with a snap of your fingers. Maybe they made this so complicated and impossible because they want you to know that when a rain forest is gone.. its GONE. But maybe its also a bug lol
  10. For Those Who Say Hamlet Is Too Easy

    The red beetle armor (not the cricket armor) allows you to walk full speed while under the effects of humidity. You can't wear a backpack or hats while under its effects, you move at a snails pace. Without it, you're literally crawling blind in a fog, with no armor of any kind. Hitting a mole with a hammer is straightforward and a 1+1 = 2 scenario. Wearing red beetle armor is at most a lucky guess if you manage to figure it out. Thats my whole complaint, these things are no longer just basic 1+1 scenarios. Most of this stuff I could not figure out without going to an outside source. Anyone play Rimworld? It has a great learning system in the top right corner. New items and mechanics get a very small tooptip to hint what to do, and once read they are never repeated. Just a checklist that makes sure you understand anything complicated. I think this game needs this now. It didn't with ROG or SW, but Hamlet is a whole different ballgame.
  11. For Those Who Say Hamlet Is Too Easy

    Agreed, but I know how to deal with sanity regardless. I'm more concerned about UNDERSTANDING what is actually happening to you and what you can do to beat it. 1) I wouldn't know how to beat the Lush sneezing season without reading wiki and learning about tea seeds and neetles. 2) I wouldn't know how to use that insect armor to avoid slowing down when its humid out without reading wiki. 3) I wouldn't understand the mechanics behind "stealing" if I didn't read the wiki. As it stands, the first game I played every single guard wanted to murder me and I couldn't figure out how to correct it. The list goes on.. these are just things that common sense won't help you at all with. You need specific information or to get luck. Or as you said.. just suffer through it all and focus heals/sanity so you can survive until you do.
  12. How to renew Rainforest Trees?

    I know the spider trees regrow from the stump. If you leave the stump apparently they grow back over time, and its a deep rainforest tree I believe. Any chance the rest of the trees work like this too? If you leave the stump it'll grow back eventually?
  13. For Those Who Say Hamlet Is Too Easy

    I didn't learn anything. I had to read the wiki on it to find out what I am meant to do. I mean, there is really no other way unless I just randomly tried eating everything I could until I find something that cures me. Albeit, that does work.. doesn't mean its a smart idea to make every new player either go through that or have to look up some kind of guide like I did. The main point I'm trying to make is that in DS or ROG I could do trial and error for most stuff and be okay. Hamlet needs some kind of tooltips or something. Its crazy to think people will figure some of this stuff out. I just got The Roc for the first time last night and I almost turned off the game when he swallowed me as I thought that was IT.
  14. For Those Who Say Hamlet Is Too Easy

    I meant how to cure the coughing effect.. are you saying those tuber trees are an antidote in the lush season? I thought it was only those tea tree seeds or neetles. The first time I had the lush season hit I was deep underground and it basically destroyed me before I could figure out what was happening.
  15. Its nice to note that the coins stay with the guards.. so if you eventually kill them (with bats or actually murdering them) you'll get your money back. I had it happen again last night because I really wanted to kill him and get his hat. The hat burned because they used their torches to kill him, but the chest had more coins than I lost, and I really like having the option of scrambling for your money back or chasing him down to get his treasure. You do need coins to bait him and he is much much easier to find (and apparently faster to spawn) in a smaller map. Right now I'm in a large pig town and I never see him, but in my last map the pig town was about a screen size big and he was constantly popping up all over the place. Not sure what his trigger is exactly though.