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  1. I almost had a aneurysm trying to find out when some of my farm tiles were breaking when I put in pipes, and why others weren't. You guys rock!! My brain thanks you
  2. I was LITERALLY tonight going to finish my water layout to use this for cleaning the water. You have crushed my heart and soul. I forgive you though, because you made this game and this game is awesome. You should just allow us to add liquid Chlorine to water like in real life pools. Then have the dupes all red eyed and miserable from the effects. Realism!!!
  3. I love you! Thanks for explaining it Also.. I feel cheated cause I never got to the point of having to boil Petroleum. You guys are so much better than I am at this game
  4. I'm totally lost. I read the patch notes and most of the replies here. What on earth is sour gas and why has this whole NG thing been nerfed? I read through the notes twice, but I can't find any explanation. I'd appreciate any help understanding this... please write your answers as if the person reading it barely passed grade 9 Science 101.
  5. Challenges are the spice of life!!! Also.. searching "what does SHC stand for?" lead me to Spontaneous Human Combustion. Apparently google search doesnt prioritize this game LOL
  6. Fossils are naturally slimy. You think they'd be super dry.. but nope. Slimy from all the deadness
  7. Me too.. we should start a club. The ONI non-smarty pants club for girls (and boys)
  8. Ohhh,, ok.. I get how they are the same now, but how would that nerf the water sieve? Have they actually changed the fixed temp or do you just mean that there is less reason to keep PW for any reason? (mind as well convert it unless you need some for plants)
  9. Awesome... now does anyone know what this means? "Water and Polluted Water now have the same SHC so that the water purifier won't magically cause a loss of energy" Does this mean that there is no fixed temp output on the water sieve anymore? I assume the purifier is the sieve.
  10. It would be amazing if this turned out to eventually be some kind of online or multiplayer setup.. like trading resources with buddies online somehow using our fleets. But I don't want to get my hopes up.. also.. I have no friends who play this. They call me NERD and play Wow or whatever.
  11. AHHHHH!!!!!! Seriously, I'm having a heart attack!! Way better than I ever thought!!!!!! I don't remember anyone suggesting something like this, its totally out of left field. I really thought you guys might just make a "reset planet" endgame like with Don't Starve. This is sooooooo much better. At the very most I thought space flight would be an endgame to "escape the planet".. not something to renew the map of resources needed and unique things you can't get elsewhere. You guys are amazing!! Also: Water and Polluted Water now have the same SHC so that the water purifier won't magically cause a loss of energy What on earth is an SHC? I don't speak Science!!! Plants will now sleep at night. You trolling us? lol Someone please post a pic of the Gassy Moo and the new plant... I can't find anything and I don't want to die before I get home. Please and thank you.
  12. Top left Drecko stable, the one with only one mealwood in it. You'll see he can't eat that plant. He'll just constantly ignore it. It was "halted" before I put the WW there, which causes it to bug even when it regains growing again. If you dig it up and replant it, he'll start eating the new plant. For Bug 2.sav
  13. A saved file with the bug active? Or a save file after I used the fix to correct it? Let me know and I'll attach what I can
  14. I know there is a bug where Dreckos ignore certain plants when they shouldn't and end up starving in a stable. I have the solution to fix it temporary, and I wasn't sure where to put it. Hope this is the right SubForum I found out it is caused by the plants hitting a "halted" status at some point, and the Dreckos won't eat them anymore unless you dig that plant up and replant it. I've had other people confirm this fixes it as well. Just thought you should know in case you didn't already. Cheers