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  1. To me this is like games that make cut-scenes unskippable. They put time into the design of these things and want people to experience it. It is their choice, even if we don't like it.
  2. The problem is how you want it set up is just as arbitrary as it is already. I rarely have anything break in the game, so I would not mind high priority for cleaning, as I would want all dupes available to clean or repair over anything else.I like my base neat.
  3. Why use jet suits?

    I think being able to build a multi-rocket silo is the only use that has no real alternative.
  4. No... and you can cool them with an steam turbine.
  5. Locavore/Carnivore

    Holy crap I wish I knew that about shove voles. I just did it using incubators and ranch hatches and every random drecko I could find and it was a close call. Was made more challenging by doing the sustainable power achievement at the same time, so I had each incubator powered by a hamster wheel.
  6. The downside is you could have used it pre-heat crude to save energy on boiling.
  7. I would love if we could just customize the dupes using a point system. With negative traits giving points. Also add some achievements related to it. Say have 1 of each negative trait in your colony... ect.
  8. before you use up 2-3 ethanol pools you can have 20 solar panels and a ton of batteries. Besides the logistical challenge their is likely no reason to set up a ethanol power plant anyway.
  9. Solar Essentials

    Or just extend the ladders to the bunker doors
  10. I like building full vacuum seals around everything including the whole starting area, and using exosuits to leave the base only. Makes it easier to build and plan for designs that last thousands of cycles in a stable manner. Without having to design dynamic cooling systems. It also means the materials you use to border things are less relevant as nothing transfers through the vacuums. The trickiest part is the main base entrance/exist, until you can afford the energy for transit tubes. Dupes tend to like to drop things that off-gas even if the gap is only 1 space wide, seemingly just to annoy me. Water pits in the vacuum matching the travel length solve this, but they ruin the aesthetics.
  11. Cooker Gourmet

    I think it impossible to get a Gourmet with a Cooking Interest. However you can get No Taste & Cooking Interest. That seems reversed to me. And yes for early gains it learning might be better, but the +3 goes past the cap, so a min-maxed chef could use it. When your playing thousands of cycles any little gain helps, and you I will most likely have someone cooking near 100% of the time by then.
  12. [Game Update] - 311694

    Yeah the sweeper bug is killing me.... My powerplant uses Slush geyser water to keep it cool, and then that water is sieved and cooled and used for berries. If I run the game for any amount of time over 30 minutes, the sweeper supplying the sieve stops working, the slush water stops, the powerplant overheats, and my food stops getting water.... Most annoying bug ever, especially since this is all vacuum isolated and my only fix is saving and loading over and over.
  13. [Game Update] - 299241

    I am still upset I can't build plastic ladders over regular ones.