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Electrolyzer does not produce the right amount of gas

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And what makes you believe that 2 hydrogen atoms have more mass than 1 oxygen atom?

If splitting molecules was as easy as adding up apples, people like einstein and the likes would most likely invented something else than physics.

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Hydrogen 1.00794u atom weight

oxygen 15,999u


That means, oxy has 15 times more mass compared to hydrogen. 

Hydrogen: 1 proton, 1 electron 0 neutrons

Oxygen 8 protons, 8 electrons 8 neutrons

Splittet by an eletrolyzer, you should have ~15 times more oxygen to hydrogen, because ONI uses mass for gases.

Due to game mechanics it would result in nearly no hydrogen to use, because your base will already be overpressured with oxygen. 

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