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Best algae deoxydizer setup to conserve algae?

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@jfc Using it less is the only way to save your algae.

Alternatively, switch to using algae terrariums (with lamps for the efficiency boost), they can convert your algae much more efficiently at the cost of a lot of dupe labour and a lot of water sieving.

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didn't realize they were more efficient. I find them appalling, due to the pollution they produce. And so I never use them, and avoid them like the plague. Hmm, ty.

And to the OP, I also kinda just place them about. I do try to position them for maximum something, I dunno what. But I have also considered creating a box with a few in it and then pumping that around the colony. It also is a question of what population you want to run at. Some folks farm morb's since they can run a high max pressure, which can be cleaned.

I'd love to see some examples of techniques folks use to that end.

Inside LC in a middle cavern, I have an oxy machine that will over pressurize the entire room up to like 2.3k. I think because of the soil formation above it. I am going to try and re-create the effect with tiles. There are all kinds of techniques.

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Algae terrarium is great if you can manage dupes not picking up the ph2o. And utilise deodoriser. And have them irritated by pump.

How? Bottle emptier with sweep only. So you don't have to mess around with doors and tricks so they don't pick up the ph20.

Further I'd suggest placing the terrariums on doors that open when a certain pressure is reached so your dups don't pop their eardrums. The stress debuff is killer

But you still should evolve to electrolyzer setup. 

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