Hound Sled for Winter

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Since Winter is supposedly the next big update, I was thinking that it would be really cool if there was some way to domesticate some hounds, and build yourself a sleigh for fast travel during the winter.I think this would be a really cool mechanic, considering there is nothing in the game that you can build to make exploring easier, and it fits the theme of the season, and the game. All the details of how this can work can be left to the devs, but it could require feeding the hounds regularly, it could take damage from mobs, could require 2 or 4 hounds to pull.What does everyone else think?

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I think it is a good idea!Can't see how it can be done, but i like the idea.You should be able to have a hound pet, like taming it.and then you could put it on your sled and ride!Let's say that the sled crafting costs:6 Wooden Planks2 Rope1 Cut stone______________________________________________________________________________________________________________I don't know, but whatever!Interesting idea anyways! :)

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