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so i'm minding my own business when these two red bees comes out of nowhere and starts to chase me

i'm unarmed and if i stop to build something i'll get stung so i leg it

(they should change the name of the game to don't starve and run away like a little girl screaming)

run passed a spider and for some reason the bees go after the spider instead

night falls so i build a fire and spend the night watching a mass of spiders (they seem to have come from nowhere)

fight a s#!t load of bees

and by morning all thats left is a no. of stingers,monster meats and web and a bee that ignored me, all good

next day i see a three pigs all by themselves in the forest so i give them one of the monster meat each and off we go

we spend the day mining on the outskirts of a grassland forest. it gets to dusk and as the pigs are panicking i build them a fire, that done i see a lone bee fly by on its way home and as i now have a spear i introduce the bee to the pointy end

bad idea, over come the swarm i quickly build a torch in case i need to leave the camp site and do the run circles around the fire in the hope of not being stung to death,

i see a spider scuttle past and after yesterday i try to palm the bees on to the spider

did not work.

instead the spider comes after me and he has friends

so i'm back to running around the fire and rocks to keep some distance, while running through the rocks i get the attention of a two tall birds but as they are lagging behind the bees and the spiders i'm not that bothered

night falls and bugger, its a full moon

so i'm doing the RALALGS manoeuvre being chased by bees, spiders, two tall birds and three werepigs thanking the gods that the torch got a buff in the last update when i make the mistake of thinking to myself at least it can't get worse when i hear them.. hounds

now its only day nine and the first hound spawn but still. i'm yet to find a swamp or beefalow which is how i normally deal with hounds

but this time i don't need them, this time a hound is mans best friend

the hounds quickly get bored of chasing me and bite the nearest thing

one bites a spider the other a tall bird. the dead spider drops a monster meat which draws in the werepigs

who then when the meat is eaten go after the bees and spiders

one moment i running for my life then the next i'm eating popcorn watching a massive bust up

i take a moment to refine the rocks i mined that day to cut stone, build a wall around the fight(it was on one of those little bridges so its only two walls)

due to their numbers the bees win which was a bonus as it meant i got all the drops but i gave me an idea

THE THUNDER COLOSSEUM tina turrner optional

fence off a area and place things like bee boxes, spider eggs and maybe a pig house or two

if i can i'll place it near a corner of a coast so when hounds spawn they spawn inside the fenced off bit

just wondering have i missed anything to put in, beefalow and treeguards are a bit to strong and if tentacles learn to respawn in a later patch i probably build in in a swam

as this is the most i've written since i left school i'm of to kill things

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