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Need New Door that opens one way only when disabled

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Hi All,

We need a special door that allows dues through both ways when enabled through automation.

It should allow only one way when disabled through automation.

Or even better:

Door should have 2 automation inputs. Each is for allowing entry in that direction. If supplied with "enabled/true/1" input, it should allow access in that direction else shoudn't.

This is to disable certain rooms' access during particular times (like when food is overflowing and all fridges are full -> disable access to farms)

This can also be done by disabling water flow. But what about the rest where dupes manually transport, say slime, to plants for growth?

This is just one usecase and I'm sure many more are present.

All these can be mitigated through this special door.

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... Why?

Just put a one-way exit if you're worried about dupes getting trapped.


Even aesthetically, this shouldn't be a door. You want a one-way checkpoint (sign maybe?) that can be disabled via automation, but not a door.

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1 hour ago, Cpt. KatKit said:

You can already do this with 2 adjacent powered doors with one side disabled on each of them and linked to individual logic circuits no? 

You can always put a screen door right next to your normal one and just lock it, and on the other side of the room you have a door where dupes can only leave. You lock the screen door and done

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