Weather changing and Sanity

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Yes, I would like to see a strong wind mechanic that could possibly make trees fall over and damage things during a storm, or perhaps things like bee-boxes and such would take "wind" damage if exposed without sufficient shelter(surrounded by walls for example) and "shatter" into half the components it costs to build them, basically the same as if it was destroyed with a hammer.


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Hello threre fellow survivors, I have entered this forum to share my thoughts and experiences about this amazing game.

We all think the game is amazing, but please continue. :)

(I am from Brazil, so english is not my main language)

No worries. I cannot speak any Portuguese, so in comparison, you're more language-capable than me. :p

First of all, I do know there is another thread talking about this, but I have some other ideas that I wanted to share with you.

You are correct, I have spearheaded many threads on this topic, but I always enjoy discussing it so that shouldn't be a concern for you. :)

As you can see in the title, I really think that the weather should change during the game. I mean, who wouldn´t love to ran around the fields while trying to escape from a furious tornado, or a stormy rain? I know I would. But my sanity sure thinks different. I saw how easy is to not get insane, so why not another crazy thing to spice the things up?

Yes. In the past there have been general discussions about the weather and in those cases the most commonly suggested weather types included:

Rainstorms - Rains, which reduces light levels and causes fires (campefire and firepit) to extinguish faster than normal, forcing the player to use more fuel.

Thunderstorms - Rains, plus thunder and lightning. Lightning was suggested to strike in ransom spots, and upon striking a flammable objects, ignite it. However, the fire would only consume the flammable object thatw as struck and never spread (due to the rain). This was suggested to eliminate the chance of random forest fires.

Fog - Just like the fog around graves, but spread across the map, and it would reduce visibility by ~50%. In an associated idea involving dug-up graves spawning ghosts at night, these ghosts would spawn during foggy days and hunt the player without fear of the sunlight that would banish them.

Windy - A howling wind would cause trees to sway, and (once deciduous trees are added) cause a few leaves to blow past. While not dangerous, it would be harder to hear other creatures on windy days (i.e. hounds/Krampus).

Snowstorm - Only during Winter, causes snow to fall and similar to rain, reduces the duration at which fuel burns (i.e. fires require more fuel).

Blizzard - A combination of a snowstorm, fog and windy weather, as fires burn "faster", visibility is reduced due to the increased snow, and the wind makes it difficult to hear.

In addition, players suggested a Tornado, which ended up being a rare weather event. It would work like a combination of a rainstorm and windy, but the actual tornado would destroy any placeable objects in its path. To indicate its size/scale properly the tornado itself would be shown on the player's map... since how could a player NOT see a massive tornado in the distance? If caught by it the player would be picked-up and carried off to another part of the map where they would be dropped (injured).

There would be "good" and "bad" weathers, like a small rain that helped your crops, or a storm that would make your fields dissapear.

Yes, there was a small thread about this connected to water and crops. At the time it was being discussed that players should need to do more to care for their crops, such as watering them (i.e. bucket). Another player suggested that rain should help water plants, like in Harvest Moon (Nintendo series).

And how we will see when these things are coming, you say? Simple, the "Weather Machine", it would tell you if the weather will change in the incoming days, but, it would not be 100% correct, making you thinking twice if it´s a good idea to explore in the next day. Not only that, but you could get damaged by the bad weather, making you need to survive agaisnt the wrath of the gods!

I agree weather should have a chance of being harmful to the player, however I'me against a machine that forecasts the weather. It would be more fun to simply experience weather when it comes and react accordingly.

But, you could craft a umbrella or a stone suit to protect yourself while trying to find some itens dropped by the storm. Who doesn´t like some adventure, right?

An umbrella might be interesting, and has been suggested before when a "Warmth" meter was under discussion, as rain would sap warmth.

On a related note, in the original discussion thread I suggested a 4 season year, with each season lasting 30 days. Each season, Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter, would have its own weather patterns. Spring (the first season the player starts the game in) would have rainstorms (common), windy (uncommon), and thunderstorms (rare). Summer would have rainstorms (common), thunderstorms (uncommon), and tornados (rare). Autumn would have windy (common), rainstorms (uncommon) and fog (rare). Winter would have snowstorms (common), windy (uncommon), and blizzards (rare).

The idea behind the "commonality" was that every day a weather type would have a chance to spawn, based on how common the weather would be for that season. Common weather starts with a 10% chance of occuring and increases by +10% each day. Uncommon weather starts with a 5% chance of occuring and increases by 2% each day. While rare weather starts with a 1% chance of occuring and increases by 1% each day. The key factor however is that once any weather type triggers, whether common, uncommon or rare ALL the weather types reset to their base % value (so if after 9 days in Summer there would be a 10% chance of a tornado, but then it rains instead, the next day the "tornado" weather type is dropped back down to a 1% chance of occuring that day).

Yes, I would like to see a strong wind mechanic that could possibly make trees fall over and damage things during a storm, or perhaps things like bee-boxes and such would take "wind" damage if exposed without sufficient shelter(surrounded by walls for example) and "shatter" into half the components it costs to build them, basically the same as if it was destroyed with a hammer.

Hmm. I'm not sure about wind damaging placeables... it just seems a bit too punishing. I agree that lightning could serve this purpose, as it's strikes would be random and not attack everything you've built.

+7 Because unicorns.

Captain, that's highly illogical. :p Edited by mobius187
Bolded weather types.
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Mobius187, your entire post was really good, the weather system you suggested would be amazing in-game, thanks for your time.

Thanks. Of course I wouldn't dare take all the credit. My post is filled with suggestions compiled from over a dozen threads on this topic. Mind you, I did come up with the suggestion about commonality to regulate weather throughout the seasons. I'm still hopeful that the Devs will create a 4-season year, rather than just 2-season. As for how many days it should last... I've always supported 30 days, and even was the one who suggested it, but I'm fine with slightly less or more (i.e. 20-40 days).There have also been many suggestions about events connected to the weather, as I mmentioned with the ghosts. The ghost idea was made by me as a rammification for players who are into grave robbing. The more graves a player digs up, the more angry ghosts spawn at night... and hunt down the player no matter where he is. Of course if the player's camp is far enough away the ghosts wouldn't reach him before sunrise (when they would disappear, like Abigail does). The game changer would be foggy days, when the ghosts would have much more time to find the player.Also, in connection with weather, or seasons, I suggested that players would need to wear a winter hat (or a beefalo coat, suggested by me prior to the inclusion of the "winter hat") during winter. That, or stay within proximity to a fire (similar to the light radius of said fire during the night) or else suffer Health damage from the cold (1 point per second). This damage would be increased by snowstorms (2 points per second) and blizzards (3 points per second).And did I mention suggestions players made about fruit trees or maple syrup? Yup, those were suggested as being seasonal, so you could find an apple tree, harvest several apples, but once barren it would only replenish apples next season (and none during winter). Maple syrup would be harvested only during autumn/winter with a crafted device that drained the syrup from the maple tree.
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