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the vitalic update ( premise )

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hello again fellow forum takers, it has been awhile, and that's is for reasons unknown, but i have been hard at work, and hopefully it should be a pleasure


I shalt call the update the Vitalic upgrade. If Klei is to impliment i would recommend splitting the update to 3 portions due to the vastness of the updates


Part 1: anim overhaul ( if anyso possible ) and lighting changes

this portion of the update is mainly just eye candy trough my vision, or people from the fourms could give extra ideas for this portion


Part 2: new plants and other occurances

with this portion I would love to remind you that I'm merely spilling thoughts about everything within my mind, ok?

i would like to include a new plant, pigmentageious roses, these can be planted within farm or hypo- hyponos- the other farm tile, the natural growth rate would be 13 cycles for phase 1, 21 cycles for 2, and 32 cycles for 3, within domestication on the other farm tile ( ill just call it that, im too bored to look it up ) would be 7 for 1, 17 for 2, and 24 for 3, the conditions to meet would be: surrounded by PO, O, CD, CM ( a new element ), or natural gas. it breathes in 50 grams of the chosen element per day, but will give off a extra photomotive if surrounded in oxygen, and takes 20 g of water

the pigmentageious roses give off a ammount of harmless creatures per day, called photomotives, these can be targeted and killed for 150 pigment each, for the respective pigmentagious rose it came from, and the rose can be dyed due to its seed being surrounded by a gasses color ( oxygen has no effect apaun this though ), and this can also come in different styles from blunt color to reflective property, from making wallpaper or wrap-ups ( new thang ), these come in handy


Jungle biome, yes, LOTS of people are currently asking for this, but hear me out on this one.

the jungle biome is filled with mud, which when put in a dehydrator ( part 3 ) would return it to original dirt and water, most of the aria would be oxygen, with a few patches of carbon monoxide here and there, i will try to come with a picture of what it could be, here in the jungle there are a new animal, tribal shine bugs, of which look and behave as normal shine bugs, except every once in awhile, they excrete sand or mud, 10 grams worthy.


i will take a minute for portion 3, it will come, yet not right now, so bear with me.

i will see thy fellow forum readers soon

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