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  1. I stayed at a simplistic standpoint on this one i was also attempting some lighting.. but i think it came out decently
  2. Its been awhile everyone! and.. well, i just wanted to say Hi! anyways heres a quick lil thing i drew..
  3. is it just me or is this forum slowing down. prroobobly just me i don't know...
  4. I got bored one day so i went on autodesk and drew this, i dont know why.. i just did enjoy! A new begining.tif
  5. devon wants to say "good job" but he doesn't know english too well. this is the best he can do. also he seems a bit surprised. what is it?
  6. you made my day. along with other random stuff
  7. .___. oh, i never knew. srry! also, how i do?
  8. my dupe for today: renie: "renies tend to not be the sharpest tools in the shed, bit with motivation, he'll do anything" renie.tif
  9. eh im a **little** late to this thing, aaaaaand shinebug. shine bug.tif
  10. also, something else on top of that... a simple dig.tif
  11. eh, i tried. also, are we allowed to use real game footage? well anyways, on we go cold and warm1.tif ( it wouldnt let me name it... ) how about a, I CANT DRAW..