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Dispersing Heat

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...I didn't want to make the title "Is It Just Me or...?" because it feels clickbaity. :wilson_ecstatic:

Is it just me, or is steel a really good material for dispersing heat via the tempshift plates? I've heard people say that diamond is "teh best" when it comes to cooling down stuff, but it never seems to be the case when I do it.


Maybe I'm doing it wrong, I'll never know. My computer nor my attention span will allow a world to live long enough before I restart. :3

However recently I've been moving away from pimping my world in gold...mainly because it looks super tacky with the Material Colors Mod, and have started replacing my gold everything with Tungsten/Wolframite/Steel everything. 

With that small tangent over with time to get back to what I was talking about; steel tempshift plates. As I was saying earlier diamond tempshift plates never really did anything of use when it came to cooling. But when I started using steel tempshift plates I've found that I don't need to worry about my stuff overheating anymore. I just plop down a couple of ice carrots, some steel tempshift plates, and it easily disperses the heat.

So have I just been a big noob this whole time? Or is there an even better way for someone to deal with heat that doesn't involve me getting a PhD in ONI Thermodynamics? 


Seriously, my eyes glaze over when I read some of the stuff here, you guys are way too advance for me. :wilson_ecstatic:

So if you're gonna explain, please explain it in a way that you'd explain it to a 75-year-old who has no idea what you're talking about. :wilson_goodjob:


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I could be wrong about this but I think Dimond has a better conductivity but Steel has a better capacity so in the long run Dimond will disperse it better but in the short run the mass of the steel can hold more

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Their are two cases where you want to use a tempshift plate:

1.) To buffer heat and make your systems more stable

2.) To move heat



If you want to maximize 1.) you need a high capacity

=> Dirt/Diamond are the best materials in this case


If you want to maximize 2.) you need a low capacity and high conductivity

=> Gold/Diamand are the best materials in that case



Some interesting stuff:

- Tungsten is just a worse version of gold if you don´t need the higher melting point

- Iron is better than steel if you want to move heat and a bit worse if you want to buffer heat

=> I don´t know why you want to swap your gold for anything else ;)

(In my base I use only tempshift plates made of: Granite/Gold/Dirt/Diamond/(Obsidian just to buffer heat close to my volcano)

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