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Oil to water factory, 10litres/s oil to 7.5l water max capacity

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This will be a long post. Running a colony on a scarce asteroid. So decided to use the oil biome to convert oil to 75% water / 25% co2 using natural gas generators.

I ran some tests for about 2 weeks in debugmode to optimise my heat exchanger for my rather weak volcano, at the end I used a placebo controlled system, each time comparing the new system to the best old system, with 12tonnes of oil versus 8 tiles of magma. I ended up getting about 5x more gas than you would expect with brute force, with this rather simple simple room separated design. My tungstentiles are 3 tile spaced, to avoid oil/petrol element change from accidentally destroying gas bubbles. My heat exchanger is completely diamond tempshifted, to get 80 heat conductivity.

Inside perfect vacuum, originally generated by 2 wild slicksters and one gaspump, then expanded ad infinitum:

<125 C degree room with 10 Gaspumps (8)

Iron airlock, temperature control at <122 degree (7)

Heat-neutraliser for gas to cool below 124 degrees while boiling pWater (6)

Thermally isolated powered 3-door doorpump / gas compactor, pressure control >20kg (5)

Heat collecting gold-pipe oil-radiator for gas <400 degrees (4)

Thermally isolated powered 3-door doorpump / gas compactor, pressure control >20kg (3)

Heat exchanger falling oil/petrol on tungsten tiles/diamond tempshifts versus rising new 550-600 C natural gas in airflow tiles (2)

Tungsten tile/wolframite door/diamond tempshift heat-collector, hydro pressure control <5kg (1)

7 large pools of magma, one weak minor volcano heat-injector. Later possible to inject more magma with pitcher pumps.


3 coal powerplants to start the system and as backup power.

5 natural gas powerplants to upkeep the system

42 natural gas powerplants (moving towards 54 now, later doubling capacity to upwards towards 108) to produce water.

8 Slicksters, herding towards 48 for oil and to destroy co2.

Here's the energy report, just got the last row of natural gas generators running after this day-report.- having had some rather major issues with co-2 exhaust gaspipes. This number is going up later..

Built with 4 exosuits, later expanded to 11 exosuits, the build took about 40 cycles, all the while my best cool steam vent was overpressured and never noticed.. :D. Hardest bit was getting gold/tungsten through the exosuit dock, to the build. In the end had to use some dupes skipping exo-station and holding breath to bring in the last bits of wiring.



I built the oil pool first from bottom up, then the magmapools, then the factory:


Heres it all finished:



liquid - top pipes for pWater / condensed steam, bottom pipes for oil that either steals heat to the oil pool, or goes down to be boiled on the bottom chamber. Currently empty, as the system can be shut down without issues.



Power, bottom network runs/starts the system and is coal-backed up, top network collects gas, with gas. 2kW, 2kW


Thermo-insulated doorcompressors:



Theres an untapped oil reservoir conveniently too, but no other reservoirs in the map =(.

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Running less than 10kg / s and that wastes a lot of heat to boiling pW. Will start adjusting The throughput from the magma / heat exchanger buffer Port (longer buffer, less throughput), this way excess heat gets stored in circulating oil rather than destroyed

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Since you only have 10 pumps, you can only pump out 5kg/s of natural gas, so isn't this only really processing 5kg/s oil?

Also, could I potentially get a save file?  I'm trying to replicate your 1kg magma : 5.5 kg natural gas efficiency but I can't match it.

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