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Found 15 results

  1. I'm not active here, so apologies if this is known or repeated. I just wanted to post a couple helpful tips/workarounds I observed for the current game build. Wire Bridges overloading: I was having the problem of Wire Bridges overloading when they crossed Heavi-Watt Wires. I searched to see if this was a bug and found a number of other mentions (ex1, ex2, ex3). A solution I saw mentioned which currently works (build AU-221865) is to put the Wire Bridge on the Heavi-Watt circuit, rather than the regular Electrical Wire circuit when they cross. It seems like the Wire Bridges take their max power rating from their attached wires, so this works and the bridges don't overload. Heavi-Watt Wires through walls/tiles: Since Wire Bridges can currently be placed over tiles, I realized this might be a way to pass Heavi-Watt lines through floors & walls, and it works! Of course you can only run through a 1-tile thick floor/wall, but this makes power layouts much cleaner. A couple other notes on Wire Bridges & wiring I encountered: You can place a Wire Bridge so one (or both) of its power connections falls on top of another object's power connection, but you still must place/build a wire on that single square to make the connection. And a small annoyance which I assume is a bug - if you're placing Heavi-Watt over existing regular wire to upgrade it, the build priority you set doesn't apply, and it defaults to priority 5. After placing the build commands, you'll have to go back with the Priority tool if you want to change it. And a request/suggestion to devs: I hope you either leave this ability to have Heavi-Watt lines cross tiles using Wire Bridges, or alternatively/additionally create a new tile type that allows Heavi-Watt to be built through it (perhaps make it resource expensive and/or low decor). It's very inconvenient and also seems unrealistic to not have any kind of tile/barrier that Heavi-Watt wire can run through.
  2. I was inspired to make this after reading Kasuha's attempt at self-cooling Natural Gas Generators and borrowing from the guide of rezecib I made a thing that's pretty nifty. Here, I made a thermally isolated room except for a one tile vent for polluted water. Two Wheezeworts in a hydrogen atmosphere have a negative temperature delta on upto 5 Natural Gas generators. (They "should" break even on 6) This eventually produces sub-zero polluted water from the Natural Gas Generators which help cool the remaining 9. In turn, they produce more cold polluted water to chill the hydrogen generator bank and the battery bank of 20 charged batteries. There is a atmo switch in the wheezewort room hooked up to a filter that when triggered will divert hydrogen from the hydrogen generators toward the vents in case the wheezeworts eat hydrogen, it should automagically re-pressurize the room. The polluted water from the airscrubbers will be used to temperature stabilize a bank of transformers and batteries warming a 120 peppernut plant farm. But that project isn't done yet. Right now it all just dumps into a basin with the natgas gen water to be pumped into a bank of 32 fertilizer factories. I have a tap for the CO2 in case I want to pipe it around before being sent for scrubbing or a desperate need to setup sterile a location. Ignore the filter on the side, I decided to relocate the filter that's currently setup but that project isn't finished. I am actually quite impressed with how quickly the polluted water takes up heat. I ended up hooking those batteries and the hydrogen generators up before getting the Natgas generators running. But they cooled down very quickly. Going from 40+ to single digits in just a few cycles. The important thing is to keep the Natural Gas generators thermally isolated except for their output. Any heat they receive from the batteries and generators end up in the output water and can lead to an upper trend. But I think with this 2 wheezeworts will effectively cool my entire energy production and distribution. I think that's good value! (I think the output water is in the teens and the wheezeworts haven't gotten the first generators to -20 yet, so theirs substantial room for more cooling.
  3. Hello everyone Introduction This is about a new plumping part which i would like to see in the game. It uses the energy of gas under pressure to produce electrical energy. In the process the gas will be cooled down as well. A nice and realistic addition to the newly added geysers. It would be some sort of steam generator or engine which could be used to convert the hot steam emitted by an steam geyser into cool water and electricity. Idea My idea focuses on steam geysers. They emit tons of water in form of hot steam which is a great source for a permanent water supply, if you can deal with the heat. Sadly there is no proper way to deal with it, besides transferring the heat to another medium. There should be a steam generator or a steam engine of some sort which converts the heat energy to electrical energy. This way the heat wouldn't be just straight up wasted and it wouldn't make it a giant effort to gain water from hot steam. Physic This works with any gas, since such generators use the higher pressure that hot gas puts on pipes but its commonly used with steam. They run the high-velocity gas (due to high pressure) through turbines which convert the kinetic energy(movement energy) of the gas to electrical energy. This also cools the gas down. So electrical energy can be won by cooling down hot gas without emitting the heat energy to its surrounding. Important for this procedure is, that the output area of the gas is at a lower pressure than the input area so the gas flows from input to output. Such generators generate between 1 and 4 kilowatts, depending on size and efficiency. There is of course higher physics to it but since the game held it easy so far with the physics i guess it should do it here just as well. In game In the game the steam generator would be a simple plumbing part like a hydrolyzer, taking in gas and emitting electricity and the same gas but cooled down by a certain amount. Maybe even producing a different amount of electricity, depending on the inserted pressure and the density of the gas.The Problem with this idea are the gas pumps which would have to insert the gas, since they overheat very easily at 75-125 degrees (depending on building material). There are two ways i see how to solve this. One would be to add heat resistant versions of plumping parts to be able to pump off the hot gas without overheating the components. Pumping it through a steam generator would produce energy out of it and cool down the gas. The other would be to include natural gas flow between gas vents depending on the surrounding pressure of the different vents. This way a small high pressured room with a geyser(room A) connected to another cooler and low pressured room(room B) by gas pipes and vents would create a pressure based gas flow from A to B without having to add any external pressure building devices like a gas pump. In room B a gas pump could pump out any cooled down gas that exits the vent to create a permanent low pressure area to sustain the continuous gas flow. In the middle of the flow a steam generator could take over the cooling part and generate energy from the gas flow. The energy generated from it shouldn't be at 1-4 kilowatts since this wouldn't be very balanced. I think something like 500 to 800 Watts would be in range, then again that is up to the game devs to decide. An example construct could look like this. The natural gas generator would be replaced with the steam generator of course. In case heat resistant gas pumps are implemented instead of pressure based gas flow through vents and pipes the geyser room would have to include a gas pump and the water room wouldn't need one. The gas pump would create a lower pressure in room B which causes the steam to flow from the geyser in room A through the generator. There the steam is cooled and energy produced. The energy runs out the heavy watts wire (since output maybe over 1 kilowatts) and the cooled steam ends up in room B. There it condensates to water and is pumped off by the liquid pump. In case there are any other gases in the system the gas pump will remove it. This way dupes could access the system without screwing the pressure system. If it would be a closed system i guess the gas pump wouldn't really be necessary except for optimizing the gas flow in the beginning by removing anything else than water from the system. Please leave a comment about what you think and share / push the topic to get the devs attention. Greetings Shmobi
  4. So, I've been noticing that Duplicants gain stress from going under water, or even getting wet. So I started thinking about the research, and how shallow the pool of things is, right now. What if you could research different outfits once you're past researching insulation? A diving suit would allow for Dupes to go under water stress free, Oxygen masks could let them enter low O2 areas and go further to explore, and even combat suits, if the creatures in this game ever get more hostile than the little hatches we're use to. I mean, the dupe on the cover of the game has a helmet, so maybe it's something already in the works? Speaking of Research, while I do love the larger batteries, I think we should go further. Maybe Giant batteries that take 9 squares as opposed to 4, or even a reactor-like power generator. As I mentioned earlier, these would be past our current highest tier of research, so they'd take a ton longer to reach. From what I've seen on videos and in the forums, research is done by day 10 if you're bum-rushing it, and day 20 if you're really casual about it. I usually have built at least one of everything by day 50, if I have the right biomes, and I'd like to see more to do. Thanks for taking the time to read this, everyone.
  5. Just a little thing that irks me. it would be easier to read your system status at a glance if the icon used for machines that are currently switched off by a regulator switch between them and the power source was the "disabled" one, rather than the "empty battery" one. Sure, it makes logical sense to use the no power icon, because there is no power, but in practice... because the player has chosen to unpower it with a switch, on a gameplay level it makes more sense to me for the icon to be the same as the other things that are disabled by choice.
  6. HI, I cant figure out why my circuit is strained when I have full power coming from my transformer "backbone". I should be getting 1000W for the circuit but it says it is strained and it won't operate at full efficiency. Did I not set up the power correctly?
  7. What is the maximum power a transformer can take in its input?
  8. The new natural gas geysers are an amazing help at generating a lot of energy while also solving a lot of your water needs, even when you already found a steam geyser. But still, I frequently find that my power plant needs a short break from time to time, so its own batteries powering the powerplant itself dont run dry and a poor dube doesnt have to run in a wheel in hazardous air to restart the engines again. We already have a power switch, so you can manually stop and start circuits. But an automated charge switch would be even better. It would spare you from having to check the battery charges every few minutes to see if you need to turn them off or not. Time that quickly sums up and could be used for more important tasks. The system should work similar as with massage tables. There should be a minimal charge and a maximal charge, as well as buttons if the switch should turn over if the batters are above the charge or below that charge. This way, you could tell the powerplant to cut off all supply to other facilities so it can recharge itself, or vise versa tell other facilities to only drain power when the charge is high enough.
  9. I was wondering if additional colors can be added to the power switch. I'm asking because I like to separate my power grids for when I run out of coal / hydrogen / natural gas and want to keep my essential machines running via backup generators/battery. I have a lot of switches (2 for most machines) and would be nice to have some way of labeling them via color distinguishing (So I know exactly which ones to turn off and on).
  10. I would like to be able to create build where both the natural generator and air scrubber is turning ON and OFF when the battery is FULL or EMPTY/LOW so it doesn't produce CO2/Poluted Water all the time even when batteries are full.
  11. "They"

    I was thinking in maxwell quotes from the final chapter, in the nightmare throne, in this, to be more precise: "Or maybe They've grown tired of me." "Heh. Took them long enough." "They'll show you terrible, beautiful things." "It's best not to fight it." "There wasn't much here when I showed up." "Just dust. And the Void. And Them." "I've learned so much since then. I've built so much." "But even a King is bound to the board." "You can't change the rules of the game." "I don't know what they want. They... they just watch." "Unless you get too close... Then..." "Well, there's a reason I stay so dapper." "What year is it out there? Time moves differently here." "Go on, stay a while. Keep us company.""They" or "Them" are beings of terrible and unfathomable power, beings who are best not to fight.... They just watch, (unless you get too close in your shadow control capabilities, and they ****** you), only watch, day and night.... And then, i watch this video here And i watch a dark observer watching.... an observer i already know too well, when my characters go insane, (second number 00:45) we can se another one in the william carter puzzle number 6, and another one in the pics of maxwell´s house. Sometimes, we can see them even while sane: I think they are the beings who retain maxwell captive, the source of all the "allucinations" (we already now oficially that the allucinations are real beings and not allucinations at all, not only because they can move the webs of a spider den and alert the spiders even when you are far, but because a totally official phrase says: "Low sanity is not fatal, but strange creatures from another time and place are attracted to madness." And, we can craft things with the substance of their bodies) They are watching in every moment not only maxwell, but everyone in his realm, that maxwell built for them, even if normally we can only see them at low sanity (normally, sometimes we can see them sane) What do you think? You believe the same as I ? What do you think is its real purpose? Why only watch, if you have power for create or destroy almost everything? I´m open for all kind of theories, critics or just opinions.
  12. Now I know this game is supposed to be challenging and all. But I got really pissed today when Willow's perk didn't come into action today in time, which caused the death of her in one hit from a grue(hit by a hound (log-suit went) and tree guardian right before night) . ( At least this time it wasn't from a tallbird).Don't you think her fire action should come right before the grue hits? Along with the fact that if you should be standing in one place that the fire should continually keep going?Hmmm...Because shes almost as useless as Wes otherwise!
  13. Will we have to make a new world for the winter update, and in case of YES, does using the wooden thing counts as "New" world?
  14. I'm sure Hard Mode has been suggested before, but this is a different way to look at difficulty. Normally, when you have difficulty modes, the game simply lowers your damage and health, and increases enemy damage and health. This is often an ineffective difficulty choice, and can simply make a game tedious rather than difficult. Don't Starve is already a difficult game. Enemies can mess you up real quick-like, and you have to stay on your toes especially in combat. However, I suggest a hard mode in the game that does one thing: All resources finite. Bushes will eventually stop producing berries, grass will eventually no longer grow back, the rabbit population will dwindle, ponds will run out of fish and die off, pigs will no longer immigrate, and so on. This will force the player to always be on the move. A biome will eventually become useless, and the player will have to go where the food is. While I'm sure that Winter will incorporate some of these elements, I'm sure that plenty of food sources will be milked. And judging by the nigh-hostile reaction to pig houses only spawning three pigs, a lot of people do not want something like this. But a mode would be perfect, now when someone brags about surviving 100 days on Finite Mode, maybe someone will actually be impressed.
  15. ] should i get these pig houses all the way up here and bring them over here to my base sense i rarly go up there , i know it will only give me half the houses