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The gorge character tier list

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My opinion on the characters, 

A tier: Wes, Wx, Winona, 

B tier: Woodie, Maxwell, Wicker bottom, Webber, Wilson, Wolfgang

C tier: Wendy, Willow

D tier: Wigfrid

Wigfrid, you won't need to be killing more than one beefalo unless you want to go for the High score on the gorge, and willow and wendy, the grill is fast enough, anybody that knows how it works doesn't need more time for it, Willow's ability is not really use full since your lumberjack can just chop as many logs as they want, the A Tier characters are up there for their efficiency and less time waste

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Its my peronal tier list based on leaderboard, perks and my thoughts.

Tier SS : Webber
Tier S : WX-78, Winona
Tier A : Wes, Maxwell, Woodie
Tier B : Wickerbottom, Wolfgang, Wilson
Tier C : Wendy, Willow
Tier D : Wigfrid

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Willow seems to let the lumberjack work less, or apply more time to get buckets of poop for quick farming. I don't think she's bad all, she makes (in the right hands) a good chef.

I agree that Wigfrid's perk is not that useful. Maybe she should gain 2 morsels out of killing small meat too?

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I think the best team comp is (in my opinion)

Cook: Willow

Farmer: Webber

Gatherer: WX-78

Willow helps the gatherer by using less wood for fires, the Wx can focus on getting more supplies for the Willow and Webber. Webber is a very fast farmer, especially with a lot of buckets of poop.


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