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We managed to replicate the "every second or so" hitch today. It's the spider creep updating when you have too many spiders. We made it a lot faster for the next update. In the meantime, I suggest having fewer spiders, or disabling creep in the spiderden.

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Phenom X4 3.0GhzGTX560Ti4GB RAMIt's not the best computer, but it's certainly well above the requirements for this game. The lag I get is really bad, like every 3 seconds the game takes a 1 second hiccup. I even tried removing all of the creep, didn't even dent the lag

I have the same problem, but with no mods installed, it's mostly only on world 5, I guess with all of the killer bees in the world. My specs are much lower than yours tho.Not sure if this is already implemented, but if the player is out of 'range' of mobs, is is possible to keep them out of the update loop? Or at least just do that with killer bees and spiders out of range of pigs (I'd bet Kevin would want the battles between pigs & spiders to accurately play out off screen).
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It's all really interesting, but I'm still kind of confused on how things work, especially the .tex and .bin files. I'll probably wait until the game is finished (and the mod stuff is more documented) before I really dig into it.(I also didn't know there was an official wiki?)

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