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Metal Refinery eating coolant?

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So, built a Metal Refinery for the first time (Yeah, I know, I tend to get distracted and restart a lot) and it's actively consuming coolant (Polluted Water) when unused and even unpowered. Is this intended? It seems to be eating in the neighborhood of 10g/sec.


Metal Refinery.jpg

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22 minutes ago, Soulwind said:

It's not.  What you are seeing is the mass loss from the polluted water in the refinery tank offgassing to po2

Ok. That crossed my mind but seemed too consistent to be normal offgassing. Guess I get to drain out the polluted water and replace it with an oil product. 

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3 hours ago, malloc said:

Or if you need PO2/O2 consider it a feature as it gasses faster than a puddle would.  I put a deoderizer on a gas tile just above the refinery which catches and converts it all.

I'm already over pressured from O2 converted from Po2 as I dig around haphazardly. I'm in the middle of draining all the PWater ponds to keep from going over 3kg ourside my base. 

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