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Flaw in Ration Box sweep logic (with tame eggs).

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I have a situation where I have a gopher picking up Shine Nymph eggs from a stable.

I set the ration box to "sweep" only and then enabled "all". I set one tame egg out of seven tame eggs to sweep.

The gopher then picked up the one egg I had set to sweep but also four others I had not set to sweep and delivered them all to the ration box in question. I would expect him to only pick up the tame eggs set to sweep and not touch other eggs not set to sweep, because the Ration Box is set to sweep, like the storage compactor logic. No other ration boxes are set to receive eggs.

Some ration boxes have previously been used in this game to move specific wild eggs successfully using sweep and then emptied and dismantled FYI. 

I tried to reload and unsetting the Ration Box and waiting a few ticks then resetting it with sweep and only Shine Nymph eggs ticked, not the "all" setting.

Exactly the same thing happened.

If I do not set an egg to sweep the gopher will not pick up any eggs, but if I set one egg to sweep the gopher will pick up five.


BB 175 test.sav

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If a moderator could move it that would be great thanks. :)

Sorry I was confused by the "bug tracker" name for the bug reporting forum. Tracking a bug suggests it already exists in some other format and fix progress is being monitored from that subforum rather than the bug reported there. Some games have independent bug reporting systems like KSP and Subnautica for example.


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UPDATE : I stopped the client, restarted it later and used a different Ration Box and could not reproduce the bug.

At the time the bug was operating I was able to reproduce it multiple times by reloading the BB 175 test save. If I reload this test save (as attached) now the bug reoccurs with other dupes as well, so the bug is reproducible but is not consistent but is captured in the game save.

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@frogglebunwich: please take note that after the recent update (preview only) ratio boxes can no longer store eggs and storage compactors are used instead. Before posting the bug, you might want to verify that the bug is still active with storage compactors (the preview goes live in 1,5 days).


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