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  1. One each not enough? We both know more wouldnt fix it and making excuses doesnt help. The derps do this because the AI has does not employ foresight and bladder overrides eating based on a digital absolute. It could be cleverer. The question is coding priorities. Devs are professionals and we need to progress the discussion about why the derp AI is so low budget and undeveloped. IMHO the question is, is the poor AI worth what it does to the gameplay? From my perspective the answer is no but I have a quad core i7. Thing is I dont play games on mobiles, if that is the target market and computing constraint. I have never finished this game past mid game as it has always been too exasperating either micro or x3 and crossed fingers style. Following the theme of the OP I had hoped for better AI late beta and post release. If they were thinking of doing that I would urge them to do it Last point being from an integrated creative production and business perspective, if the base game is flawed at a fundamental level why would I buy DLC? And its not just me I am talking about, its a segment of a bell curve.
  2. The derps are just too stupid. Why drop your food on the floor to go poo, every night? If they are eating at a table the table should catch the food and the derp should get back to eat it after pooing not just leave it there to go stale overnight. And they drop stuff they are sweeping (which loses the sweep order, which it shouldnt) to find oxygen when they were heading towards oxygen in the first place and just needed to keep going. And they are so bad at doing local jobs unless you can shut them in and all the others out they will run halfway across a map to do something right next to an idle derp who could have done it instead. No sense of distance. The derplicant jerb AI doesnt work very well, is pretty annoying after release, was forgivable in alpha/beta not so much now.
  3. If you look at the screeny both permissions are blocked, same settings for the other door but the dupe has snuck though and begun harvesting. It looks like the door geometry is probably an edge case and the pathfinding logic is failing to work correctly. doors.sav
  4. Today it fixed itself, after a little update, pats on backs all around. Thanks Klei.
  5. I am attaching the start save for "Pimlico" from live branch on 3rd Aug '19. I tried to upload via crash reporter but am not sure if it worked. I did not realise when making the reports that I had modded the map to a non standard size 384x384. No other mods involved. None of the many saves of the game played on this map will load without crashing, including this very first save which suggests a fundamental problem with the size now, which worked fine before. FYI Pimlico.sav
  6. I am playing the release and the door permissions still break when there is no block beneath the door. Just had a case where dupes suddenly decided to go through a manual airlock with all permissions revoked in both directions when the block of rock beneath the airlock was being replaced by an insulated tile, during the build phase after the excavation phase they were pathing through the airlock as if they have full permission and the airlock was opening to let them through. So I had to lock the airlock to stop them.
  7. Dont Starve vanilla and RoG and SW versions wont load in Steam Win7x64 for me. The crash fix patch makes my version crash just after the music starts. Reported it here with MS error output...
  8. A related issue, if you have a dupe carrying an object, say an egg, and they arrive at their destination, a storage compactor, if you order them to move to a different place once they have commited to adding the egg to the storage compactor, istead of stopping the adding object animation (blowing it with their syphon thing) to obey an order the add animation continues as if the order is ignored, but the egg is not added to the compactor and instead drops behind the dupe. Once the animation is complete the dupe will follow the order and reveal the dropped egg. The animation plays out when it should stop.
  9. I started a new game this patch. When un/locking a pneumatic door dupe shows either zero animation or continuous running or ladder climbing animation while static while the door is un/locking. Should be some kind of "operating" animation. Instead the dupe replays the last animation it was doing before it started to change the door state. This applies to changes to or from all three door states. I tried saving my game and quitting to desktop and reloading and building a new door, bug persists.
  10. For the sake of clarity this would be interesting to know for me too please and also whether the extended space map needs a fresh start.
  11. Further testing showed that if I gathered a pile of 3000g of raw mushrooms the cook would be able to process 2000g into fried mushroom but the final 1000g would not process. I think there is either a logic error with the quantity needed for the task or a rounding error involved and the quantity is really a tiny amount less than 1000g. This somehow breaks any attempt to fetch the mushroom direct to the grill from the floor but it can still be moved from storage.
  12. I have the same problem with a chef in Cosmic who cannot pick up farm plot grown mushroom which has been in the grill and unloaded because he gets 596mcg each time he tries, see screenshot. He also cannot cook it to make fried mushroom under any circumstances, either +1 or continuous. He can pick it up to sweep it to a food locker or pick it up from the locker to deliver it to the grill but in the grill it will not cook and once unloaded This was once one of two mushroom portions both 1000g. The other was waiting in the grill so long it went stale. This one was in storage in CO2. The cook would not cook fried mushroom but would happily make omelettes the moment he was asked. My conclusion is there is something wrong with the mushroom which means he cannot use it. I wondered if it was the numbers since the grill ingredients list asks for 2400kcal / 2400kcal ie a zero range. Whereas other recipes have a range value >1 on top of that the other recipes vary between asking for kcal and weights e.g. 1000g / 3000g for the omelette. I am not sure if that explains why it is broken trying to pick it up from the ground to deliver it to the grill, if the recipe's desired weight check code was self contradictory (maybe a less than instead of a less than or equal argument) it might block delivery. I will keep testing this to see if I can add more info. I am including a game save where the bug is active on reload. UT 183 mushroom bug.sav
  13. The posture for serenading incubating eggs is shown on the left side of the incubator with rancher facing left away from the egg but with arms raised as if cuddling the incubator, so the location of the rancher should be on the right side facing left as if embracing the whole or alternatively should face to the right from the left side as if emanating compassion towards the entirety... Political metaphors escape me...
  14. If you sweep with disinfect tool often the tool will set a disinfection as required when there are zero germs, see screenshot. The sweep and screenshot were all done while the game was paused in the same instant. This appears to follow dupes ladder pathways so it would seem to be a result of a state triggered by their passing, possibly germs in small numbers, which have since vanished. Once germs have vanished from a square I would expect disinfect not to be triggered. It looks like the squares are not resetting their infected state flag to "not infected" when the germs have died off, or something like that.
  15. On placing a coal gen to connect directly to a heavi-watt joint plate (see screenshot) the connection is not recognised unless one orders a build of heavi-watt wire from the connection point to the generator, through the plate to the wire beyond it, then the connection is recognised without any build being necessary and the small piece of heavi watt wire which does place on the connection is not needed for the joint to function and can be cancelled. On reloading the client after shutdown however the connection breaks again and the process as above needs to be repeated. I would expect the connection ought to be made between the joint plate terminal and the coal gen power point if they are colocated in the same square.