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  1. Size tweaked map "Pimlico" will crash and not load now.

    Today it fixed itself, after a little update, pats on backs all around. Thanks Klei.
  2. I am attaching the start save for "Pimlico" from live branch on 3rd Aug '19. I tried to upload via crash reporter but am not sure if it worked. I did not realise when making the reports that I had modded the map to a non standard size 384x384. No other mods involved. None of the many saves of the game played on this map will load without crashing, including this very first save which suggests a fundamental problem with the size now, which worked fine before. FYI Pimlico.sav
  3. Suggest Gas Reservoir be better.

    OK so the gas reservoir is intended for a purpose which is not really storing gas then, probably cooling and heating loops etc. Fine, though it still needs something to store gas, high pressure containment or something and the best we have right now is pipe or emptying a bottler a few times a day.
  4. Suggest Gas Reservoir be better.

    Sounds like a good idea. Actually I got my maths all wrong, the situation is even worse. A 3x4 gas reservoir stores 150kg and a pipe section stores 25kg so the 12 squares the reservoir occupies can store 300kg = twice as much if pipe alone is used, which is bonkers. Never building a gas reservoir again in stock if it stays like this as the in-out rules are just the same.
  5. Its mid tier research, huge and costs a fair bit and takes a while to make and is currently not so good as a gas storage device, storing only 150kg which is better handled using a gas bottler. 15 bottles would fill a reservoir but take up a lot less space, one tile. I wanted to use it to handle spare hydrogen from an electrolyser but its decidedly underwhelming as it fills up much too quickly and considering you could store the same gas using a pipework snake to fill an area 10x15 and could build behind most other buildings, inside tanks etc using plentiful raw minerals the reservoir is not viable. I would have thought instead of 150kg it should handle more like 150t, i.e. 1000x more Currently is ungratifying, pls fix
  6. Door permissions are still broken in certain cases.

    I am playing the release and the door permissions still break when there is no block beneath the door. Just had a case where dupes suddenly decided to go through a manual airlock with all permissions revoked in both directions when the block of rock beneath the airlock was being replaced by an insulated tile, during the build phase after the excavation phase they were pathing through the airlock as if they have full permission and the airlock was opening to let them through. So I had to lock the airlock to stop them.
  7. Selective manual sweep order.

    Thanks for trying to help, its worth discussing and I agree workarounds can be devised but it sounds like you agree that doesn't really solve the chore issue. Here are a few thoughts about how not solved the chore issue is. The problem is you often want to sweep things that you dont need to collect, so you might set up a sweep only compactor for say minerals and then when you have a mineral drop in a high decor hallway or barracks or anywhere you dont want it to be you can sweep it. So now when you go to the examples above and try to do a blanket sweep to get your dirt collected, the dupes will pick up the dirt but they are also transporting umpteen gazillion metric tonnes of sandstone and filling up the odds and ends sweep compactors, which is a big waste of time and storage. If you want to stop that you either have to uncheck every compactor set up for sweeps other than the one you want to achieve and dump the contents on the floor, or have them behind locked doors in which case you have to compartmentalise compactors and micro the door permissions. Another version of that is to build a door to the location and revoke permissions to the rest of the base, trap some dupes there and build a compactor at the location with the specific request for the material you want then micro the compactor and doors again when the job is done. I think it would help the flow of gameplay quite a lot if we could do a selective sweep like we can selectively deconstruct is all. All those in favour say aye!
  8. The game has come a long way in the couple of years I have been playing it so congratulations to Klei on the release. However ... intuitively, given the current interface, I have long been expecting the ability to make a selective manual sweep to materialise at some point, like you can make a selective deconstruct order. Since it hasn't and we are at release I will explain the idea in case it is not on the to do list. Why? Simply, its a chore to work through piles of debris to make sweep orders for one item. This can happen when say you are building a tank for germy sewage and want to get valuable debris out before filling, e.g. dirt say for farming but dont mind leaving dirt where it sits elsewhere. Likewise in a hatch pen, you might want to take the dirt out of there as well to stop the hatches eating it but can leave the dirt sitting on the floor of the farm where it is, so you dont want to sweep all dirt debris, just dirt in one part of the map. Often you cannot dig down two blocks and tile over because hatch needs to burrow, or maybe the tank is above a bleachstone deposit or chorine cavity you dont want to breach etc. How ? The way I expected it to come was by using the materials list on the right of the screen, select the material on the list, activate sweep and it would automatically sweep only the highlighted materials in the area you box select. Alternatively, activate sweep then go to the materials list which allows highlighting while sweep is active at the cursor. Whichever way suits the program, it would be very handy to have selective sweep.
  9. Yes it is a bigger problem than just liquids, it has just done it again with adding horrific germy slime to my algae stores. You are absolutely right, the rule logic for new items is wrong.
  10. I am enjoying the release game thanks but this is one thing which I feel is a bug not a feature . When I built my first my first bottle emptier it was to collect pure water from a spill due to leaky fertilizer which gave way under a pure water pocket. OK patching the leak and cleaning up was fun and drama but then when the first instance of polluted water in a bottle occurred from a hand basin, the game automatically added polluted water to the bottle emptier water types without my knowledge because previously there had only been one water type, so the entire tree had been ticked. So Pimlico base pure water tank ended up contaminated with very germy polluted water from hand basins, which made all the pure water germy and its all your fault Klei! This is water which would be used among other things to refill the wash basins not to mention the water cooler ... eeewww gr0ss !! If you try to tick only the water box on the emptier when there is only water available in bottles (commonly the case in the early game before sinks have required emptying), the game automatically ticks the entire liquids choice tree, you have no choice in the matter. It should not do that, if you tick the water and not the intermediate "Liquid" or "All" tickboxes it should at least make a dot not a tick in the intermediates to show that a specific choice has been made and then it should not add pre-ticked polluted water to that emptier when polluted water becomes available, which currently it does do whether you like it or not. IMHO it should never add a newly occurring bottled liquid to existing emptiers, ever...! *shudder*
  11. [Game Update] - 293709

    Dont Starve vanilla and RoG and SW versions wont load in Steam Win7x64 for me. The crash fix patch makes my version crash just after the music starts. Reported it here with MS error output...
  12. No dupe animation un/lock door.

    A related issue, if you have a dupe carrying an object, say an egg, and they arrive at their destination, a storage compactor, if you order them to move to a different place once they have commited to adding the egg to the storage compactor, istead of stopping the adding object animation (blowing it with their syphon thing) to obey an order the add animation continues as if the order is ignored, but the egg is not added to the compactor and instead drops behind the dupe. Once the animation is complete the dupe will follow the order and reveal the dropped egg. The animation plays out when it should stop.
  13. I started a new game this patch. When un/locking a pneumatic door dupe shows either zero animation or continuous running or ladder climbing animation while static while the door is un/locking. Should be some kind of "operating" animation. Instead the dupe replays the last animation it was doing before it started to change the door state. This applies to changes to or from all three door states. I tried saving my game and quitting to desktop and reloading and building a new door, bug persists.
  14. For the sake of clarity this would be interesting to know for me too please and also whether the extended space map needs a fresh start.
  15. Mushroom is picked up 5.7 mg at a time

    Further testing showed that if I gathered a pile of 3000g of raw mushrooms the cook would be able to process 2000g into fried mushroom but the final 1000g would not process. I think there is either a logic error with the quantity needed for the task or a rounding error involved and the quantity is really a tiny amount less than 1000g. This somehow breaks any attempt to fetch the mushroom direct to the grill from the floor but it can still be moved from storage.