Possible fix for the misclicking Issue.

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So there I am using my newly acquired butterfly net to try to catch some butterflies because well lets face it when you are fighting tooth and nail to make it out of a demonic forest, who doesn't think "Butterfly wings!". Any way I could not catch those little buggers, they just fly too unpredictably (or maybe I'm just a little special). I thought to myself, "Man I wish I could just press and hold a button to freeze the game in place so i could click on a butterfly then let Wilson chase it down when I release."

So there is my suggestion: Make a button that will freeze all movement upon pressing and holding it or even by toggle, then allowing the player to click whatever it is that they want to click without worry of Wilson running to his death or running right past a rabbit meal. Most importantly, I could catch those darn butterflies!!!!!

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  • Developer

But that wouldn't be fair to the butterflies. They have feelings too, you know.


Interesting idea, though. I really liked the combat in Baldur's gate and Xcom3 (heresy, I know), where it was real-time but you could pause to survey and issue orders. I'm not sure how that would feel in Don't Starve, though - it might ruin the tension!

Now, a magical consumable item that slowed down time when you use it would be another story!

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Might ruin the frantic nature of some situations. Like the first time you encounter a treeguard. Everybody freaked out the first time. If you could freeze and think for a moment, that would be gone.

I mean, you can always hit escape, but you can't click on things in that state.

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