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  1. To find the game files you have to go to program files (x86)> steam > steamapps > common > don't starve > bin As for what you do with those files, I have no Idea, Kevin has asked for the log.txt file from me. I am having the same issue.
  2. I fixed the Chrome issue for the time being, it said that java script was disabled within my browser, which didn't allow the login to proceed, I went into my browser settings to check but scripts were enabled for every site. So I disabled restarted, then enabled and restarted again and it worked just now on Chrome. The Steam log.txt was this: Starting up THREAD - started 'GAClient' (4324) HttpClient::ClientThread::Main() cGame::InitializeOnMainThread Thanks for looking into it Kev. Great work to you and your counter parts!
  3. So I have run into a problem on both game clients for which I am unequipped to solve: On Chrome: When the game window launches, the google log in comes up and I select allow access and a java script error message comes up and prevents the game from loading further. Quite effectively locking me out On Steam: When I open Steam a blank window opens for a second and then promptly closes, allowing me zero joy. These issues are still occurring for me date: 11/8/12
  4. The same issue is happening when I try to launch Don't Starve through Steam still. I open Steam, Click play Don't Starve it says Launching a window pops up, stays blank, and then closes itself. No game, no joy.
  5. Alright, Sorry Everyone, I have been educated.....
  6. Has anyone else experienced missing items in the various build tabs? So far I notice that all three regal items are missing, the sleep roll is moved to the traps tab, and the refinement and clothing tabs are completely missing. Just wanted to let everyone know about these, if I run into new issues with this version I'll just come back and list them here.
  7. So there I am using my newly acquired butterfly net to try to catch some butterflies because well lets face it when you are fighting tooth and nail to make it out of a demonic forest, who doesn't think "Butterfly wings!". Any way I could not catch those little buggers, they just fly too unpredictably (or maybe I'm just a little special). I thought to myself, "Man I wish I could just press and hold a button to freeze the game in place so i could click on a butterfly then let Wilson chase it down when I release." So there is my suggestion: Make a button that will freeze all movement upon pressing and holding it or even by toggle, then allowing the player to click whatever it is that they want to click without worry of Wilson running to his death or running right past a rabbit meal. Most importantly, I could catch those darn butterflies!!!!!