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How to connect Steam Turbine to the net?

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I dont know, is it a bug or I did something wrong, but my conductive wire is overloaded by Steam Turbine. At least in Dev mode. My main electric network is on heavy wire dut to 3-4KW in it, direct connection via conductive wire will immediately overloaded. How you commutate steam turbines as usual?






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2 minutes ago, catsRjerks said:


why use 2 transformers?

one decreases from 2000 to 1000


3 minutes ago, landromat said:

build like this. Build and destroy 2 tiles to make vacuum and build wire then. no heat loss

hevywatt wire does not transfer heat, just not obvious from pic, however nice if it works perfectly. Thx!


4 minutes ago, Neotuck said:

why use conductive wire and use 2 transformers to downsize it into heavy watt wires?  that's backwards

just attempt to prevent access of high voltage from "main net" to "conductive wire net" directly coz it will overload conductive wire.

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