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Useless steam vent?

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Yeah, it's pretty bad.  On the other hand, it's got an OK eruption period.

If the active/dormant ratio is good too, then I'd just put some granite in

there and let the steam condense.  It won't be much water, but every

little bit helps in the long run.  Definitely not worth doing anything elaborate 

with it though.

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Nah, don't even bother. Best I have for is a 4358g/s cool steam vent and a 5.6Kg/s ph20 vent.
The other two cool steam vents are pretty ****ty like yours but they're cool steam which is easier to cool than the 500.
Unfortunately haven't found p02 or any volc yet.

I would love to get a use for chlorine in the game though.

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