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  1. I don't think your done in this one yet. Some mistakes I can spot on a quick glance. It looks like you're pumping hot geyser water into 2 pools close to your base, stop doing that immediately. I'd find an ice biome and dig some ice, build temp plates from ice above those hot water pools to cool them and stop them cooking your base. I'd get your farm surrounded by insulated tiles, it looks like if it's not cooking already it soon will be, maybe consider a temporary weezewort if you need to get it cooled down. Next base I'd try to build around a single shaft 3 tiles wide to allow gas to flow better and keep your areas closer together
  2. [Game Update] - 266340

    Starting to think we're not getting a way to choose which eggs are used to make omelette. Guess it matches not getting to choose which metals are used in the power control station. A lot of these little things will need cleaned up soon.
  3. From my experiments a single layer abyssalite wall will prevent all heat transfer and a single layer of raw abyssalite will prevent heat transfer, nor is the abyssalite changing temperature. I'm on 265724, am I missing something? Looks back to before they messed with it to me.
  4. On a new seed 10 cycles in and it looks like the biomes are not transferring any heat. Looks like a full rollback
  5. Is the automation port back on the coal gen yet?