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  1. You can get dreckos from the second "third technically" asteroid. This is the one you teleport too. Bring the drecko eggs over to the first asteroid and ranch them up.
  2. When a dupe has unconstructive, they cannot dig "construction" task blocks. I am not talking about deconstruction, but when there a material where you try to build a structure, the dupe won't dig it. I felt like this was a bug as I have seen my other miners dig it just fine (at their mining speed, so it's not a "construction" errand) and I even removed their priority for building and they would still dig blocks Unfortunately, I did catch on to this until after I had gotten more dupes so, I have no save file that far back when it was an issue but Ill supply my most recent.
  3. So, keep crashing same exact time on cycle 757, even went back several saves to test and see if it was just that specific save. Tried cancelling all actions in the world as well. No prevail. If someone, or anyone can figure it out, lemme know please. Dorky-Spaceprison -Methan1 Cycle 750.sav Dorky-Spaceprison -Methan1 Cycle 751.sav Dorky-Spaceprison -Methan1 Cycle 752.sav Dorky-Spaceprison -Methan1 Cycle 753.sav Dorky-Spaceprison -Methan1 Cycle 754.sav Dorky-Spaceprison -Methan1 Cycle 755.sav Dorky-Spaceprison -Methan1 Cycle 756.sav Dorky-Spaceprison -Methan1 Cycle 756.sav (1).sav Dorky-Spaceprison -Methan1 Cycle 757.sav Dorky-Spaceprison -Methan1 Cycle 757.sav (1).sav
  4. Ohh, yeah I don't really play preview bc of how often Ive had map breaking bugs and had to start over the last few times. But never noticed any real FPS issue. So not sure. Always around 50
  5. @aymanoracle Then yeah might just be preview. I get 50-60 on a GTX 970.
  6. Which graphics card the size doesn't matter too much.
  7. Could be. Could also be that gaming laptops arent usually as powerful as desktops. This game is also EA and needs more optimization
  8. Well by then, my base is usually pretty big and that's the only time I get fps drop. Even with the whole map uncovered. That's what I meant by cycle
  9. haha it takes around 1500-2000 cycles before I hit that low tbh.
  10. Then that system gets "old and tired" and we are back to nerfing power systems. Loool.
  11. Its pretty much dupe power since it wont run at all unless a dupe initiates the process. (Unless you create petro) Did I say bring back the old fert system? Not but they basically made it obsolete to even use them for any type of sustainable Ngas power. If any power is sustainable, then it doesn't matter which power system you go with. The end game power gives more power, steam, petro, etc except the solarpower which they did buff slightly. If all the power was balanced and had the possibility to be sustainable, then it would be okay. Coal power plants are reliant heavily on hatch ranching. Sure you can find quite a bit in the world. But enough for 500+ cycles? Probably won't get it all in time of hitting that marker. I have tried playthroughs without the Ngas powerplant and I personally didn't like the micromanagement needed for it. That being said, that's how I like to play the game not how someone else likes to play the game. It might be easier for some and not for others. Don't quote me assuming you know exactly what I mean or am thinking. The old fer maker is "old and tired" to YOU. lol Doesn't mean it is to anyone and everyone else. Also, don't at me with the bs "if you don't like micromanagement find a new game" bc that's just childish.
  12. No but I haven't seen anyone make an appropriate steam system that worked. So that one is out the window. (without abusing a bug) Dupe power depends on having a decent amount I stick to around 6 for 400+ cycles. Petroleum is technically dupe power unless you heat oil to petro. And solar needs more balancing and is late game. Hydrogen geyser come out pretty hot. 900+F and are fairly rare. In terms of electrolyzer systems that is efficient enough to run hydro genie without eventually running out of power. This leaves coal and Nat Gas. Coal is good if you get into hatch ranching. Which is fine for some people. Nat gas is good for people with early slush or pw geysers. Now they are no longer really all that useful. Balancing should allows players to play the game different ways. Meaning I could go any power route and have sustainable system whether its from a geyser or from other processes. Not making something in the game less useful. Like I said, players should be able to play how they want not forced to go down certain routes.
  13. Then Ngas geysers need to be buffed as now it's almost impossible to have a decent natural gas powerplant unless you start turning oil into ngas. Haven't really tested that though. So maybe it is pretty good but synths were the better way to go