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  1. Lua Scripting Engine is on steam

    Gotcha, that's why I was asking, I wasn't sure which was possible with lua. I assumed klei set experience and stuff like critter groomed time as a variable which could be redefined. Its been awhile since I've used c# though.
  2. @f4rtux Hey man, great job on that. It looks great. I have some suggestions though. 1) Some type of additional tooltip or description of some of the information provided. I know for me, sometimes I forget and they confuse me, so having a layman's description would be pretty cool. Thermal conductivity ("Having a high thermal conductivity number results in...") Specific Heat ("Having a low specific heat number results in...") 2) Compare option possible? There was another but I cannot remember it right now.
  3. Lua Scripting Engine is on steam

    I know, I was hoping I could create a script with Lua to do it myself and was asking if it would be possible. Ranching, Crafting, Mining If you can do things like this in your mod, I might just learn how to write scripts.
  4. Lua Scripting Engine is on steam

    @Rainbowdesign Would you be able to set how much experience is earned from ex: grill so that 1) it increases cooking stat and 2) better recipes give more experience? There are a few mods out there that fix ranching experience and crafting experience as well increases resources dropped when you mine a block. Would I be able to easily create a script for those different situations?
  5. I find that the resources that are used in care packages are pretty lackluster. I would be cool to be able to edit a list of the items and mass that would be selected. This paired with the mod that automatically selects a dupe/item when the printing pod is ready would be cool way to spice things up. Ex: 1kg lava ;3 But this is mainly for me to increase resource output for certain maps to have a duplicant saving resource because lets be honest, 100kg of aluminum... what a printing teasuree.
  6. So, keep crashing same exact time on cycle 757, even went back several saves to test and see if it was just that specific save. Tried cancelling all actions in the world as well. No prevail. If someone, or anyone can figure it out, lemme know please. Dorky-Spaceprison -Methan1 Cycle 750.sav Dorky-Spaceprison -Methan1 Cycle 751.sav Dorky-Spaceprison -Methan1 Cycle 752.sav Dorky-Spaceprison -Methan1 Cycle 753.sav Dorky-Spaceprison -Methan1 Cycle 754.sav Dorky-Spaceprison -Methan1 Cycle 755.sav Dorky-Spaceprison -Methan1 Cycle 756.sav Dorky-Spaceprison -Methan1 Cycle 756.sav (1).sav Dorky-Spaceprison -Methan1 Cycle 757.sav Dorky-Spaceprison -Methan1 Cycle 757.sav (1).sav
  7. [Game Update] - 272331

    Ohh, yeah I don't really play preview bc of how often Ive had map breaking bugs and had to start over the last few times. But never noticed any real FPS issue. So not sure. Always around 50
  8. [Game Update] - 272331

    @aymanoracle Then yeah might just be preview. I get 50-60 on a GTX 970.
  9. [Game Update] - 272331

    Which graphics card the size doesn't matter too much.
  10. [Game Update] - 272331

    Could be. Could also be that gaming laptops arent usually as powerful as desktops. This game is also EA and needs more optimization
  11. [Game Update] - 272331

    Well by then, my base is usually pretty big and that's the only time I get fps drop. Even with the whole map uncovered. That's what I meant by cycle
  12. [Game Update] - 272331

    haha it takes around 1500-2000 cycles before I hit that low tbh.
  13. [Game Update] - 272331

    Time to upgrade that craptop
  14. [Game Update] - 272331

    Then that system gets "old and tired" and we are back to nerfing power systems. Loool.
  15. [Game Update] - 272331

    Its pretty much dupe power since it wont run at all unless a dupe initiates the process. (Unless you create petro) Did I say bring back the old fert system? Not but they basically made it obsolete to even use them for any type of sustainable Ngas power. If any power is sustainable, then it doesn't matter which power system you go with. The end game power gives more power, steam, petro, etc except the solarpower which they did buff slightly. If all the power was balanced and had the possibility to be sustainable, then it would be okay. Coal power plants are reliant heavily on hatch ranching. Sure you can find quite a bit in the world. But enough for 500+ cycles? Probably won't get it all in time of hitting that marker. I have tried playthroughs without the Ngas powerplant and I personally didn't like the micromanagement needed for it. That being said, that's how I like to play the game not how someone else likes to play the game. It might be easier for some and not for others. Don't quote me assuming you know exactly what I mean or am thinking. The old fer maker is "old and tired" to YOU. lol Doesn't mean it is to anyone and everyone else. Also, don't at me with the bs "if you don't like micromanagement find a new game" bc that's just childish.