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I've been watching a lot of YouTube videos about Rhinoceros Beetles and thought they'd be cool as a DS creature. Rhinoceros Beetles are just very interesting. They are one of the strongest creatures in the world in relation to body weight and are often kept as pets to fight other beetles in Asian countries. They would be an interesting candidate for a creature in one of the new events (or in the main game), especially if it's going to be another fighting arena like the Forge.

They also already follow the Don't Starve naming convention of combined creatures. Rhinoceros Beetle, Stag Beetle, Rainbow Beetle, or just Bee-tle. There Japanese name also translates literally from kabutomushi to "helmet beetle/bug" so i'm sure there are some interesting possibilities for that.

Here's a video if you don't know what some of these Beetles look like. I put it in a spoiler as apparently some people find them to be disgusting.



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