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Found 26 results

  1. When I was completely insane as a vampire in a mod at night being chased by spiders and the shadow demon things.
  2. Taming the Beast

    I just noticed you have the same name as me!
  3. BUMP this thread to the top it needs more attenion
  4. Is MinkeTheKitty dead?
  5. Text to Jeff: " If you can kill it, you can cook it". Makes more effective food. Can't wear a hat.Text to Twigster : Spawns when the player hast more than 40 twigs -> random ( which means he spawns randomly)Text to Grassmonk : very rare in early days, drops Red Gem, does not attackText to golden chain: 20 Gold needed, can be given to the pig king for a random hat.Text to Tentacle Hat : take less damage from tentacles -> 3x Silk + 1x Tentacle SpotsHere you go. Actually I never saw it this way but why is a spider queen in the game and no other bigger versions of other monsters?By the way your right I saw the spider queen and just made the same thing with the hounds.I have to say that I do have enough ideas for other monsters but the potential that this game offers is gigantic. The only thing that really has to stay is the balancing and the difficulty. So why not make a mother of hounds AND new creatures ?
  6. I had a small idea, birds could land on beefalos and sit there, like birds sit on top of rhinos and eat bugs of off em. And you could throw a boomerang at the bird like normal and the beefalo just shrugs like it was nothing when the bird dies.
  7. Man's Best Friend

    i love it! i think willow should only want to tame the hellhounds though:confused:
  8. Rice

    While everyone has their many plans for food and whatnot I put some serious 12 seconds into thinking about rice. As I'm sure you all know, rice is grown in swampy areas. The swamps in Don't Starve are lacking food. Frog legs and fish aren't enough. Therefore I feel there should be rice among the many food suggestions.
  9. Give 1xp per kill. Simple enough of an idea?
  10. I was wondering if there will be tools implamented that do the job quicker than what we've already got? Perhaps they work quicker (so instead of 15 hits the tree comes down in 8) but at the price of less durability?
  11. the bogeyman is a creature that only attacks people in sleeping rolls %10 chance of getting him he is a shadow of the character that attacks you dealing 25-40 damage each hit his/her health would be 300 and... {nurfed/reason op}(if your character is wearing armor the bogeyman will wear the same armor) this is just a suggestion so ,
  12. Bug Submission Please choose a category [Gameplay] Platform Chrome Version Number 70861 Issue title I've been downgraded to demo only?! Steps to reproduce Buy a Product Key Play for weeks Return after Christmas Describe your issue Alright, I'm really frustrated! I've been playing for a few weeks now. Today I attempted to continue playing. I was surprised when I was prompted to "log in." Normally I don't have to. My log in credentials were accepted, but my option to continue is missing! In fact, not only am I unable to continue, but my ONLY OPTION is to PLAY DEMO AND my product key is invalid as I have already redeemed it. What happened guys?!
  13. Edit : For all the people who want to try this out, there is a new hat that grants this effect. Research the Winter Hat and equip it. Woah, this just blew my mind! Great job Team Klei, always with the nice updates.
  14. 对于气候的依赖贯穿整个人类文明, 同样,这一点可以大大丰满生存的“乐趣”----危险即机遇 季节的变换:可以是雨季或旱季,也可以是四季更替。 而气候或季节的最佳表现方式即天气。 不同的天气(无外乎雨雪风雷雾等)将会带来不同的“惊喜”, 雨季为作物带来充足的雨水,飞禽走兽迁徙而来,但下雨时难以烧火。相对的,旱季时玩家不得不为淡水挣扎,还要力图克服可怕的火灾及蝗灾。 雷暴时站在空旷处会遭殃,当然砍大树也不明智。但如何利用闪电将是更大的挑战。 同时一场龙卷风可以把你数月的经营掠夺的一干二净。 下雪不仅意味着保暖的重要性,也意味着食物的搜集将异常困难。甚至会出现连续数天的极夜加暴风雪——海洋冻结,出现各种极地生物或精灵乃至失落的冰雪之城... 大雾时会出现什么?雾气里影藏着无限的联想:《the mist》《silent hill》《the fog》 气候变化的规律可以以一定的方式展现,如何预知或驾驭才是更加高端的玩法。
  15. Ive been playing a lot of don't starve in the past two days and I almost starved many times while being chased around my monsters. I'm wondering if you could add some way to heal yourself or quickly eat food while in combat. This isn't so much of a problem with slower monsters where you can just run away and eat some food. im talking about when you have a faster enemy that you can't run away from (beefalo, tallbirds ,dogs and some other monsters i havent seen yet) I was wondering if you could put in an attack that does some sort of stun for a few seconds. like hitting the ground with a weapon would stun nearby monsters or making your character do a kick which stuns a monster. this would give the player enough time to run away or quickly eat some food to heal or regain some hunger. One con baout it would be that players could simply spam the stun, so you could make it so that you can only stun when you are low on health or hunger, and there is a decent cool down on the attack. (it could also possibly damage your weapon a lot more) My other idea was to have a food item that you could make out of a common food item which you can use without stopping to eat. it would only give you a little bit of food and very little health, but you could prevent yourself from getting killed due to starvation. Sorry if i write too much ._.
  16. Hello, first time poster here. Didn't find anything to do with this in particular, so I decided to share my idea. I was thinking about how you could have a book telling you about the monsters in don't starve, and a little about them. Not a strategic guide, but more of a general overview of them. For example: Monster file/entry #67, Hounds Hounds are known to attack in packs, causing wounds with serrated, razor-sharp teeth. They usually howl before striking, probably a sign of a battle cry. Although many are black in colour, some may be orange-red, bursting into flames when slain. It is unknown whether this alternate colour shows gender or an authoritive rank. Nevertheless, they are dangerous and should be confronted away fro flammable objects. Not a very good entry, but I tried to make it sound more of a written down thing coming from one who has seen their behavior, and not a robot writing it. A sort of not breaking the fourth wall thing, if you get me. Then, prehaps, we could learn more about said monster's origins by collecting at least one of each of it's drops, only by killing said thing, and not killing, let's say, a spider in an attempt to get the one monster meat required to learn more about the hounds. So, an example on how this could work, again using hounds as an example: They are believed to be the pets of the devil only known as Maxwell, corrupted by the darkness of night. Obviously it'd probably be longer if it got in, but this is still just an example. But how would it be filled up, and where would it be? I think that it should be filled up when you kill or get killed by a mob, and it should be placed in a familiar fashion to the map ingame or on the main menu. Then, we have things that don't drop items or cannot be killed. Namely, the darkness at the moment as far as I know. It could be unlocked when everything else has been done completely done, but that seems generic and boring. How about when sanity gets included, getting killed by the darkness when fully insane could get you it? Just my two cents, and although this will probably not be included due to what It might possibly take to do it, and in the event it does it'd probably be a low priority, at least sharing ideas is what makes this sub fourm fun! Feel free to drop suggestions in!
  17. Well Who is maxwell? why is he there at the start of the game?
  18. Yesterday i thought about the game and how to make it a little more interesting, so I came up with an game-mode idea. (English is not my main language so please excuse my grammar and misspelling.) --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- About my idea. Main information about the idea: I would like to call the Game-Mode "Hurry!". When you start your "Don't Starve" you start a new game and then if my idea is implemented you get to pick either "normal mode" or "Hurry!". So when you pick "Hurry!" you spawn in a randomly generated world, and you are "a few days ahead the monster" depending on the difficult level you picked. What monster? Well lets say you play "Hurry!" on "very easy". You spawn 10 days ahead of the monster, you can spend 10 days at the same spot before the monster catch up to you and eat you. So spend those days carefully, gather items, check out the area or start travel right away. Now this sounds kind of cheesy and easy. Well then change your difficult to Hard. You can only get a maximum of 2 days ahead of the monster, you can not travel with torches during night, you can not use "map". Now you get the picture of how hard it will get keep traveling? Monster mechanics: First of how will the monster work? It will follow your smell, so it will run where you already explored because if you get a map that is kind of a square you would not want the monster to catch, in other words, the monster wont take Shortcuts to get you, if it says "2 days away" it is to days away. The monster will always travel in 100 % speed, but you should be able to make some traps so it sometimes slows down the monster to about 80 %. If you travel where you already been the monster will gain a speed of 120 % meaning 2 ingame days will be more like 1.8 ingame days. Trap monster mechanics: Add a trap to the game that slows the monster. Lure the monster to the trap by placing a lot of food 1-20 depending on the difficult. Map mechanics: Okay i don't know if this works with the games coding but my suggestion is either you make a map unlimited and generated upon exploring "like minecraft", i'm not a coder but i believe this is hard to do? Then my other suggestion is that: When you have explored at least 1% of each map circle or/and bridge the game will pause for a minute and generate more map so you cant run out of it, this could be annoying but in my experience the game's map generator is fairly quick and it does not take more then 30 seconds - 2 minutes on different computers. As I said i'm not a coder but i believe this would be more easy to add to the game then a whole new generator that generates as you travel in game. Difficulties: (This difficulties probably need more balancing but i'm just putting out an idea of what difficulties might change.) --You travel in 100 % monster travel at different speeds, meaning you will have to slow it down from time to time-- Very easy - maximum 10 days ahead. Torch-travel available during night. Map enabled. 2 meat to lure the monster. Monster speed 80 %, when lured 60 %, when you travel on the same spot 100 %. Easy - maximum 8 days ahead. Torch-travel available during night. Map enabled. 4 meat to lure the monster. Monster speed 85 %, when lured 65 %, when you travel on the same spot 105 %. Normal - maximum 6 days ahead. Torch-travel available during night. Map enabled. 6 meat to lure the monster. Monster speed 90 %, when lured 70 %, when you travel on the same spot 110 %. Hard - maximum 4 days ahead. Torch-travel disabled during night. Map enabled. 8 meat to lure the monster. Monster speed 100 %, when lured 75 %, when you travel on the same spot 115 %. Very hard - maximum 2 days ahead. Torch-travel disabled during night. Map disabled. 10 meat to lure the monster. Monster speed 105 %, when lured 80 %, when you travel on the same spot 120 %. Custom - You choose the maximum days, torch-travel enabled/disabled and map enabled/disabled. you pick the amount of meat required to lure the monster. Monster speed ? %, when lured ? %, when you travel on the same spot ? %. (This difficulties probably need more balancing but i'm just putting out an idea of what difficulties might change.) The end: Well that is my idea on a small scale. Image you playing this game-mode on hard. You will always have to travel, collect fire fuel for the night, find food and offer some of that food for the trap, you have to always explore the map. Wont be fun if you run into a rocky place or a swamp, or maybe you travel in a hurry from the monster and unluckily you do not stumble upon any food or fire wood. Without the map you do not really know where you been unless you place some kind of a lead, you don't want to run where you've already been since the monster will gain speed. Not sure on this: Should you be able to slay the monster and a new one spawn? Please make serious responses on my suggestion for the game, feel free to build additional ideas and thoughts on my game-mode "Hurry!".
  19. I was reading that you guys were working on mid-game and end-game challenges to make the game more exciting and less boring through an easy story. It might just be a silly idea but it might work. Maybe for a mid-game end-game suggestion there should be end of the world areas to travel where it is very difficult to live, very low resources, and lots of dangerous monsters and challenges. But with this also comes rewards through the game that you would never be able to get anywhere else. I really do not know what would be there, I am not that creative but I just thought the idea sounds nice. It would actually be really cool if you had to complete certain tasks in order to continue exploring, like maybe there is a bridge from island to island and you had to fix the bridge to continue. Things like constant exploring to new islands and areas with different challenges and giving people tasks to accomplish in order to satisfy their curiosity at the same time rewards it would definitely make the game have a lot more hours of play to it. -AA
  20. I've always wondered were all the adorable little spiders come from... They must have a mother right? Well here she is! A little something I made in PS of what I imagined she'd look like. Enjoy
  21. I discovered this game via a youtube video and promptly tried the demo. Had to have more so I bought it on steam then realised that seeing as I want to play it on my mac that this was a bad move! Its a shame buying it on steam doesnt unlock the chrome version! So I put in for a refund on that and bought the version direct. I am really loving the game so far, I havent played it for hours yet but managed to survive to day 6 and died via a really silly mistake. I killed the dogs and then ate the meat uncooked...yeah I was annoyed at myself there! The only suggestion I have so far is how about the ability to pause the game or save it at will?
  22. Bug Submission Please choose a category [Gameplay] Platform Chrome Version Number 70399 Issue title Keys not sent. Purchased via humble site. Steps to reproduce Purchased game using humble site and amazon payments. Describe your issue I know this isn't technically a bug but I do need assistance and this is the only way to request it. I need you guys to resend those keys to [Poof!]. I just purchased the game via the humble site using amazon. No keys were mailed.
  23. hello I was just playing today, a treeguard appeared and it killed me I couldnt do anything, I had log armor on, I tried cutting it down like a normal tree as stupid as that may have been, I tried killing it with a spear, I lit it on fire, I even ran away all day seeing if it would go away eventually though it killed me at night time because i couldnt refuel my fire...what is a good way to survive when you come against one of them
  24. I don't know precisely what's causing it, but I've noticed that there are some other Steam games of mine that will only retain saves while the computer remains active. If Steam shuts down completely, they're lost. I hope this may be of some use in finding and eliminating the problem.
  25. Hello Is it possible to buy only one copy of the game? My friends don't like games like that... so I don't need the second copy. Thank you in advance Greetings Zotex