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Consistancy across lockers, please!

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Also please add all Materials to the lists (for Pitcher Pumps and Lockers).

Especially the ones that are not added even if you find them... (Solid Crude Oil In Example or Liquid Iron...)

My Idea:

Sort the list Alphabetically.
In the Categories show only Items you already have.
Add another Category "Undiscovered" and add all Materials that are not "found" to this Category.

This way we can prepare Storages/Pumps/Filter for later use without clustering the categories with unused stuff.

Also please Sort the Items in the Categories alphabetically...

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Also some items when you discover them are not ticked off like all the seeds, when you find a new one, it gets added to the list as un ticked, very annoying only cause threes no harm in letting those be added to the box other than the sleet wheat cause its also a rotting seed.

But things like the slime, polluted dirt, they dont get ticked off as long as you have had 2 items in the box with 1 turned off so it was global, but till then, they all get added automatically as ticked on.

This also goes for the bleach stone.  PLEASE, make that item auto ticked off when you first discover it.

Would also like to see a setting where the dups wont go to pick up something to store unless it meets a min volume per trip.

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