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  1. Ugh. Why would you do this! It was really useful for building efficient storage setups, and also had some use as a way to gate off duplicants from getting at certain containers that you only wanted sweepers to touch. Can they still deliver materials through solid tiles? Did this only affect picking up through mesh and airflow? It would be nice if you'd clearly state what the intended behavior of sweepers is so we know what we should actually be expecting. At this point I don't know what is or is not a bug I should report.
  2. That's pretty much what I meant by #2, yeah. Known issues, intended to be fixed, but maybe not high priority while large features are still being added/changed. Certainly a possibility.
  3. I don't mind at all that some players happily use the drip cooling trick or other quasi-sketchy heat-deletion methods - it's a single-player game, do anything you like - but you've got to acknowledge this isn't useful as a defense of those things as such. It's not as though the current balance of heat management options in the game is a fact of nature; if Klei wants it to be possible to handle heat without the bugs and weird tricks, it's well within their power to make that happen. Which really leaves us with the question of why heat is balanced as it is, and how it might change in the future. I can imagine a few possibilities: 1) The drip cooling bug is, for some reason, incredibly technically costly to fix. Klei doesn't like it but would rather ignore it than deal with it, and is just choosing to keep mum because sometimes that's best for PR purposes. 2) Drip cooling and fixed-temp machines are artifacts of the early-access phase of development. Klei plans to fix/change them and move to a more internally consistent thermodynamic model. 2a) These things are bugs and hacks that Klei has put in as patches but lacks the time/resources/ability to resolve coherently, so are here to stay in some form. 3) Drip-cooling, fixed-temp machines, etc. are intentional mechanics. Klei has balanced the game around them and intends for players to use them liberally. For whatever reason, they don't want to make a clear statement to this effect. As a software developer, and having played computer games for 25 years, I could easily believe any of those.
  4. If it's neither of those things, then it's at least a really confusing and opaque behavior of the game. It seems like there's a couple of threads every day of people posting various cooling setups they're proud of creating only to be told that 80% of the thing's cooling power is due to the drip cooling behavior. If it's intentional, it should at least be possible for players to easily identify when it's happening, to understand why and how big its effect is, and (arguably) to avoid it if they'd prefer.
  5. I still see this issue as of OC-256131. Smart storage is usually not filled to max capacity by dupes or sweepers, and even when the UI shows that it's full, it will occasionally not output a true signal. In my experience so far I can always get it to output true by setting the max capacity lower than the currently-stored amount of material, but obviously that's a lousy workaround. Here are two shots of a smart compactor showing 10t of granite stored. Set to 10t max, the output is false; set to 9999kg, output is true. The regular compactor to the top right contains another 9t of granite and is set to lower priority, so if the smart compactor were a nanogram short or whatever, the sweeper should top it up - but it doesn't. (This is the entire point of this arrangement in fact; it's part of a system to automatically maintain a set quantity of material at a remote supply depot.) I would speculate that the compactor showing a full 10t stored is the result of rounding and that the actual amount is some tiny fraction short, but that's something for a dev to verify. If you want to check this specific building, it's at the bottom of the base in the attached save. I hope we can get this bug fixed soon. It seriously limits the possibilities of what you can make with the conveyor systems. The best outcome in my opinion would be to rework the smart compactor/fridge to use separate max and min capacity sliders like smart batteries. Players will probably most often want to use these buildings to implement a hysteresis loop of some kind, so make it easy on us. (Honestly I think you should do that for every sensor and building where it could possibly make sense!) Fool's Hope.sav
  6. Not sure if you posted before/after I edited, but note that I went back and replaced all the floors with airflow tiles, and as suspected the sweepers could then reach all compactors. So between that and your observation about diagonal openings (which I've noticed dupes can see through) it seems pretty definite that the LoS of the sweeper is the limiting factor. My preferred resolution would also be to remove the LoS requirement and allow sweepers to pick up from anywhere within their range, as this seems to be one of the biggest things differentiating sweepers from dupes. It allows for interesting designs that rely on closing areas to dupe access. Failing that, if the devs want to keep the LoS limit in some form, it needs to be communicated clearly in game. The simplest way to do that would be to restrict both depositing and fetching by sweeper LoS and then update the range grid behavior when placing a sweeper to properly account for that. But, that would be a significant downgrade to sweepers which seems unnecessary and un-fun to me.
  7. I've been building an automated material handling system (warehouse and distribution lines) and am having a lot of trouble with Auto-Sweepers being able to access things in a way that is clear, understandable, and consistent. One major way this manifests is that sweepers seem to be able to reach through tiles for some tasks but not others - although it's not entirely clear when/why this is the case, either. The biggest use case I'm having trouble with is storing and then retrieving materials in storage compactors. The sweeper can deliver materials to any compactor within its range, no matter what tiles, doors, etc. exist between the sweeper and the compactor. When it comes time to retrieve materials, though, the sweeper can't access the contents of many of my compactors, roughly corresponding to the sweeper's line of sight to each compactor. Here's a shot of one warehouse room I used for testing, specifically using the left-hand sweeper and the compactors in its range: (Note, the conveyor receptacle is set to 5 so the sweeper will ignore it during testing. Not related to the issue.) All of the compactors in the left-hand block (everything above/below the conveyor receptacle and leftwards) are set to accept cultivable soil. By toggling priorities, I verified that the sweeper can deposit material in all of them. I also found that it can't pull materials out of any of the compactors marked with priority 1 in the screenshot. I then deconstructed the sweeper and rebuilt it one tile lower to see if that affected its access to the compactors. Here's how that worked out: The sweeper still delivers to all compactors. It can now pull from the full bottom row, but loses access to the two left-most ones in the middle row. Interestingly, it can also now access the top left compactor: The fact that that one sits on an airflow tile (which doesn't block other line-of-sight features like decor) makes me think that the sweeper's ability to "see" the compactor is what is limiting its access for pulling materials. If I have time, I'll try replacing all the floor tiles in this room to see if that allows the sweeper to pull from all the compactors. Note that I haven't tested this LoS theory with other storage types. I think I've seen sweepers pull from receptacles they can't see, but I'm not 100% sure. (Edit to add: I went back and replaced the floor tiles with airflow tiles as mentioned, and the sweepers can now pull from all the compactors. This seems to confirm the LoS idea.) In any case, I hope this gets investigated and resolved. It seems like a bug, and even if it's working as intended, it's an extremely confusing and annoying behavior that needs to be re-examined and more clearly communicated in-game. Fool's Testing Hope.sav